Closed chapters

Closed chapters
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Like the flapping wings of a weaverbird
Your smile drew me in
Your ability to live in the the moment
And pay attention to tiny details

Including occasional flickers of emotion
As they flash on and off my face
Like a game of peek- a- boo
Between a group of children

Overtime we grew
Like a garden blessed by the rains
With a ride quite smooth and savory
Like a piece torn from a fairytale

A little to good to be true
Till ” we” became a past tense
Trimmed off before we could blossom
With a lot of unanswered ‘why’s and how’s”

With answers yet to be found
Through each dawn and dusk
As life Progresses
Like the arising tenor of a half shut page

The horizon of a new chapter beckons
With a glamour of emptiness
Untouched and without blemish
As the awakening of unwritten words stirs

Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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