DE-MOURN-CRAZY:Nigeria’s practice of faux democracy


DE-MOURN-CRACY:Nigeria’s practice of faux democracy.

Democracy is a political system of decision-Making within an institution or organization or a country which all members have an equal share of power. With emphasis on the word “equal “.Democratic government is juxtaposed with oligacharic and monocharic systems. Democracy in its earliest forms is generally associated with efforts of ancient Greeks and Roman’s, Considered founders of Western Civilization. With the word itself formed from demos(people) and kratos(rule).
Abraham Lincoln in 1858 answered the question “What is democracy? ” by giving a concise and fathomable definition or explanation as the government of the people by the people and for the people. Of which Nigeria tranceded into the Democratic rule in 1999 and over 58 years of independence.
Which is baffling because The government suspossedly for the people is against the people in the Nigeria. And isn’t bothered about the concerns of the people who put them in power. Their concerns are long forgotten as soon as they step into office. A situation of the people dwindling their fellow people. In 1838 Abraham Lincoln said “something of ill omen is amongst us, an increasing disregard for law pervades the country”.Meaning the will of the people are communicated in public opinions-imposed in moral and constitutional obligations. Public opinion involves universal, objective and rational principles and idealogies.
It seems we all forget that soverignty isn’t a right but a responsibility which our leaders have refused to carry out. Of which Nigeria celebrates democracy day everyday May 29th until 6th June 2018 changed to 12th June as a celebration of democracy day. I’m of the opinion that democracy is a celebration of freedom. But Nigeria’s democracy is a far cry from it’s originality, the mourning of democracy. I often wonder why we are still in practice of subtle enslavery by our leaders through corruption. Corruption is an enslavement of democracy. The funds meant for the people’s betterment are directed into their pockets for personal uses. Where the people are meant to rule. We are being ruled instead .
In 2004 a German based NGO(non governmental organization) called transparency international projected Nigeria as the 2nd corrupt country in the world. According to Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa on October 1 1960 said “Nigeria is destined to move with quiet dignity to our place on the World stage”.He knew what he was saying that day, Nigeria is a country blessed with vast resources . With everything needed as a country within our reach. We are destined for move to the World stage as a great country not as a corrupt Mismanaged Country.
It’s quite baffling to see the masses who the power belong to shy from the use of their power .During elections the masses allow the same cycle repeat itself in a different way by allowing themselves to be brainwashed. While some other percentage use that period to struggle and collect their supposed share of the national cake. Our democracy has become the practice of embezzlement, corruption, personal enrichment, economic mismanagement and political thuggery.
With all the resources and ideologies we possess yet we still suffer from poverty. The poverty level in Nigeria is daunting. Apart from the masses themselves, our votes are insecure because it seems our Electoral commissions are either affiliated with one political party or the other. Or with the judiciary or legislative systems.
This is a clarion’s call to Nigerian(people) to take the right steps, use their power wisely and stand for what they believe and restore back our democracy to the Government of the people by the People and For the people.
In the suave words of Keith Ellison “Not voting is not a protest rather the greatest form of surrender “.

Tobi-Makinde Melody.

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