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This is where it all began
With a smile that seems endearing
The utmost signal of danger
Which should have made me alert
But my heart falters
without my permission.

I am rather joyful to see him smile.
That smile makes my heart disrhythmed
Every single time or day.
And it let down my guard, my walls.
It opens the windows of my heart
Thinking this is it.

Whilst giving him audience by allowing him in,
He speaks smooth and realistic words
Soothing to the ears.
This always reminds me
Of his plans for me, for us-
To marry me when the time is due
And create children of our own.

Sweet promises  of the great life we both envisioned.
Names of our children that we chose
Every tiny step mapped out for us.
His eyes swimming with encomium- 
Of emotions for me alone
Or so I thought. 

Every hug and kiss
Came with an electricity that alerts all nerve endings
And wipes all of my energy
Whilst commanding my attention. 
With my heart beating erratically.
Alas, all is well with the world again!
I mused.

Everyday is all joy and smiles
I was floating in my personal bubbles
Reigning in fantasy. 
I was in too deep, sunk in beneath.

Before I didn’t realize what this was until my bubbles deflated.
Every thing burnt to pieces in my very presence.
All this while what I held on to was mere deceit
I was living in lies, 
Which wasn’t discovered until it was all too late
Then I started from the very beginning.
All over again.

Tobi-Makinde Melody

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