Everything Ville

Everything Ville


In the midst of chaos.
An unending madness,
Is the status quo.
With no chance of change in sight.

The days fly by.
While courage; in her gloriousness-
Sharpens up to be a double edged sword.
How lethal and horrible!

The fade of emotions;
Between strength and helplessness.
The gradual death-
Of dreams and visions.

Once a sharp sight to behold.
Now, a blur of what if’s.
The virtual homecoming,
Of messes created-

And woes faced.
But, we can’t stop dreaming.
Can we?
Irrespective of demons faced.

The only answer-
That just might suffice
Is; simply just because …

 … The rest of the sentence;

Is a tabula rasa.
To be determined by us-
Out of the need to be.

After all,
What are moments—
Without Dreams?
Nothing at all.


Melody Tobi-Makinde’20©

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