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Dear cupid ,
What manner of sorcery is this?
That has me sewn deep into your nameless magic
With no means of an outlet
To unchain me from this frazzled chain.
How unlawful!
That all firsts has to involve her.
What treachery!
That she’s my first love
Which I was gifted her heart to borrow.
With no hope nor willingness to returning it.

What brazenness!
For you to pull down my defenses
Without no warnings nor prior consent.
You aimed and shot
My priceless possession
Which pierced it without mercy
With all joyfulness and enthusiasm
How audacious!
That I sought to kneel
and ask her to be mine forever
To share all other firsts moments with.
How crimalistic!
That I don’t want this sorcery to end nor stop
That I would rather forever remain bewitched by this sorcery.
In my defense
I’m forever grateful cupid
For that arrow
That gave me her, the magic running in my veins.


Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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