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The last few journeys into the world of mouthwatering and exciting drama reviews; has been nothing short of amazing. Especially your feedbacks and reviews- I must confess, warmed the crevices of my heart in the best way possible.
I then decided to indulge myself in another movie review; albeit different from the norm. This time around, it would be a flash review touching up on my top three Mexican telenovelas/series.

Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen- welcome on Board.
This I solemnly promise- will be short (I will try my best), precise and sprinkled with a huge load of delightful moments.😘

Someone, somewhere once said “you have to begin by beginning”- I’m thinking Goku or Gohan said so. I suppose that applies in this case- Let’s get started.

Un: Mi corazón es tuyo
English translation: My heart is yours


This is a 2015 Mexican telenovela series with an episode lasting about 45 minutes or more. This show was a complete buzz of varieties – keeping you on your toes or rather at the edge of your seat.

The ending you could say was a little bit expected; but the journey towards the “supposed end” was a very complex and edgy one. This movie is definitely not for the faint hearted; in terms of its delivery, irony, hyperbolic amusements and the voracious cruelty of the human mind. It was a cliché movie but one that was delivered with finesse.

First and foremost, I must absolutely commend the thoughtful pieces of melodies infused into the heart of the series. They were effective in lifting the mood and tension heights to a whole new level.🎶🎶

From the first episode, it was obvious that this was going to be an excruciatingly frustrating journey.🙃

Episode one introduced us to Mr Fernanado – a wealthy, stuck up, disciplined, authoritative and old fashioned dad with about 7 children ( cue father Abraham) recently widowed with little or no time to care for them all at once and a company worth billions to run 💴💴. 

One thing led to another and he had to hire a nanny, Anna – who out of her desperation to pay the huge debts she owed secretly took up a stripper job at a nightclub downtown.
Revealing that she had a stripper job to her boss or exposing young children to the harsh realities that came with being a stripper wasn’t something she could afford, so she kept everything secret from the kids and their father and everyone else who worked in the house.🤫

This made her already jumbled up life becomes more difficult. To worsen it, when she meets the kids she’s supposed to be in care of, their hostility towards her are disparaging🤯.

The kids whose hearts are still raw from the death of their mum- saw her presence as a dangerous signal to their peace, to the peace of their father and most especially the peace of their late mother. So they decided to smash and destroy what’s left of her little sanity😵.
With time – we find that the butler, gardener and even the house keeper, are all in on the mission drive Anna crazy and get her fired.

At this point in the series, the show was rather leaning towards an intense and dysfunctional family setting blinded by grief. Except the show rather took the scales to a dangerous limit, gradually shifting from its cheesy beginning to the introduction of various factors of surprises here and there and an unending roller coaster of emotions rawly exposed and dissected on some deeper level for each character.

The house used to portray the wealth and status of Fernando was definitely something. It was so gigantic 🏘️and I wondered how they didn’t all get lost in its massiveness. The icing on the cake was the fact that, at every corner of the series there was an insane combination of comedy and drama from the kids – from the nanny’s personal life to Fernando’s new love interest.

I’m of course blown away by the impeccable acting skills displayed by the characters and of course the kids on this show. Their gradual growth and the warmth they exuded physically and emotionally was beautiful to watch emanate. The show explored growth in every possible aspect – self-esteem, betrayal and other fickle elements of the heart. A lot of romantic sparks also flew in from every angle you can think of.💦

The mischievous theatrics displayed were novel – especially from those kids. From glues to paints and every other thing you could think of- those very moments were nothing short of top-notch.

In fact, one or two tips or tricks could be learnt from these kids.
The facial expression and mannerisms donned by Anna (the nanny) at every tantrum was a total shocker- quite unexpected at every point in time. She was fierce, gentle, cunny and calm in handling the children’s hostility irrespective of her personal issue – making sure to correct and soothe their hearts at the same time🌞. She successfully matched up their tricks with one of hers and eventually earned their respect.

As for Fernando, the continuous lack of empathy as a character was exasperating. His “stuck-upness” at crucial tilts of the movie was enough to make you wanna dash into the screen and slap him till he regains his senses.😈

Overall, the series was deathly gripping at every scene and angles displayed. If you are a fan of cheesiness tinged with drama, this is a must watch for you.😘


DEUX: Corazón que miente
English translation: Lying heart

I must confess that I was flustered at the touch of exquisiteness this particular movie emanated at every scene. Apart from the otherworldly beauty😭of all the cast in this movie; each of the actors seemed to perfectly execute each role with such grace and flair that constantly left me speechless and biased. Honestly, the good ones played the good character to a fault and the villains were so bad-ass and lethal to the finish.✳️
Lying heart is a 2016 Mexican telenovela series featuring Thelma Madrigal, Pablo Lyle, Diego Olivera, Dulce Marià and others.

Episode one rolled in with a group of children – we later familiarized ourselves with as Mariela, Alonso and Leonardo👨‍👨‍👦. They were all best friends. However, the tendril of their friendship began to loosen after the death of Mariela’s father.

Mariela began to nurse suspicions 😒and encounter clues that pointed that the father of her supposed best friends – Alonso, whom she had a crush on and Leornado his younger brother – was the cause of her father’s death and constant misfortune in life.

The series highlighted the extremities of love🖤. It wasn’t just a regular straight laced telenovela. 

No! it was more than that – it was action, full blown fights, death threats, deaths, murder, ill-fated love, dysfunction of the mind, body and soul after some eye opening and shocking discoveries of the twisted cruelty to the human mind and heart. And worse of all – amongst “family.”

It highlighted how deep familial ties are and the nasty feeling of disdain and helplessness. Especially when “evilness” is right under your nose, running in your own family. “Blood after all is definitely thicker than water.”
The show really opened the dam of the human mind 💦💦into perspective- how little, insignificant supposed insecurities can pose as an imminent danger; if care isn’t taken. It digs deeper into the lengths people go to in order to achieve what they want irrespective of how minute it might seem and how it doesn’t matter even if nations are burned in order to achieve these supposed desires.🙃

Mariela, after her exposure to such dangers at a tender age decided to pursue law and gather a little bit of connection and power to shed light on her suspicion, loss and possible revenge.

She coincidentally happened to come back to where it all started.
The series admirably explored the term “grew up too fast” through Mariela such that when cupid shot an arrow to speed up the process of whatever was left of the little electricity blooming between Mariela and Alonso, it simply backfired.

It crashed and burned hearts in the process especially with the cold demeanor exuded from the two. The accusations Mariela threw at Alonso’s father’s company and all that he stood for as a person were fierce and intense💥🔥.
The show racks up the intensity such that every episode grew darker and harder to view. The multiple attempts on Mariela’s life and the lives of her remaining loved ones as she discovers new information about her past and present every day, never ceased.
For a man like Alonso’s father who even carelessly murdered his own wife in a bid to get some things, why would the life of a lowly girl attached to his first son matter to him?🗨️

He did the next best thing by creating a curvy, beautiful, smart and equally cunny distraction instead for his son.

The emotional canvas 🎨painted in this series is a quite complicated one. What started out as unicorns and rainbows turned really gothic so fast.

This isn’t the regular cheesy, and cliché turns of love- but rather the darker webs and crevices associated with the word “love.” 

But love always finds a way- they say. The how, in the midst of this insanely interwoven story- is why you have to watch this fascinating series🥶.


TROIS: Tres veces Ana

English translation: The three sides of Ana

I honestly don’t know what it is with Mexicans and their surreal beauty. The series’ first appeal was the beauty of all its actors. Trust me, when you see the series, you are definitely gonna understand what I’m talking about👁️. If you are all for physical attraction as a major reason to watch a movie, then this is for you👅. 

This isn’t your quick fix series, it’s desperation at its finest, cruelty at its worst and the destructive power of seduction. It digs deep into alter egos and how they inadvertently affect every little behavior😅.

This 2016 Mexican Telenovela features Angelique Boyer (who expertly highlighted the triplets and their differences), Sebastian Rulli, David Zepeda, Pedro Moreno and others.

This particular series guys😼 is an intense series with a lot of hard core issues displayed with hectic flair and a heavy aura🙀.

Episode 1 rolled in with a hint of the future through the impeccable acting skills of Angelique as Ana Leticia, Ana Laura and Ana Lucia who are identical triplets with glaringly different personalities and mannerisms.
The story started with a fatal accident that happened 20 years ago, involving the triplets and their parents. The accident led to the immediate death of the triplets’ parents and caused damages to the triplets themselves. All three sisters survived but Ana Laura lost a leg and Ana Lucia, who became amnesiac was taken in by a woman who had just coincidentally lost her daughter and believes that God was compensating her loss🙄.

As the show amps up its intensity, increases the scales and doubles it up at a go, it was revealed that the accident that happened to the triplets’ parents was pre-planned by Ana Leticia herself to inherit all the riches of her family😬.

It saddens and frustrates me, how someone at such a young age would intentionally find joy in the death of her own family in order to inherit the riches they are all entitled to.

After their parents death, the two sisters came under the guardianship of their uncle Mariano – who Ana Leticia is incestuously in love with. She ruins his blooming love relationships by spewing lies about him and murdering his love interests.

She also ruins her other sister’s life by sleeping with her fiancé 🥴and sowing seeds of discord between them. It doesn’t end there. She slowly plans the death of her own husband to access his wealth and steals important gems from her grandmother😱.

When Ana Leticia caught wind of Ana Lucia’s survival and the survival of her husband who is supposed to be dead, she works harder at getting both of them six feet under for real instead of working hard to save face and keep up with the appearances of a grieving wife like she had done for years🤮.

The horrific themes displayed were compelling, mysterious and heart wrecking to watch💔.

The characters (few of them) are seen engaging in terrific mannerisms while deliberately hurting others and ruining their lives. The mass amounts of deaths in the process, the mysterious revelations, fragility, tension and love made this series one hell of a movie.

It’s no wonder it’s often said that “The most terrific of enemies are those under your nose.” It was a rollercoaster of clashing emotions. A beautiful story expertly described through acting. The finale of this movie took the definition of tension to another level. It was desperation at its finest, a full blown mental breakdown at its worst, and a major sacrifice to make things a bit cheery again😟.

That would be all on this week’s movie reviews on my end. Share your thoughts, comments and questions in the comment section.

Stay safe.🤗

Love always,
Melody Tobi-Makinde ’20 ©




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