Independence or In -dependence


Not too long ago,Nigeria in its Glory celebrated its 58th year of independence. Now will you agree with me that 50years or rather 58 years is a somewhat long time don’t you think? And to have claimed independence over those number of years. How far have we truly come as a nation,thus the bother is Nigeria’s Independence a mere tale of the mouth or Just another day of Celebration yet to be lived up to.

A vague definition of independence would be freedom from control. Are we truly free from control? Or we are still in the denial phase. In my opinion the Celebration of independence has lost its meaning,and there’s nothing to portray as our practice of it.

So are we still celebrating Independence or In- dependence. Are we free from corruption and it vices yet. Or rather has the aroma of Corruption reduced to a minimal level despite our 58 years of independence claim, let’s not forget the constant reliance on only one factor to sustain a country of over 190million people or more. Need I remind us of the state of our power electrically despite transition from NEPA-PHCN.

Furthermore the orders from the bigger powers from above in regards to our politics. Or even boast of self sufficiency without interference or additional liabilities through loans from the World bank or interference from the U.S.A or the U.K, or a comfortable livelihood for over 190million people. Statistically the level of poverty in Nigeria is yet to reduce at all which should have reduced.
Our Public/civil servants are supposed to be comfortable. But we just reached a conclusion of #30,000 minimum wage in 2018 Per month. Although NLC originally stated #56000 but rephrased to #30,000 which is yet to be signed. let’s do some calculations for the new wage (meaning Mr A with a family of 4 is supposed to spend #1000 each day to take care of his family,with some days of the month more than 30). let’s take a look at few minimum wages of some countries 
2. Algeria – $175 (N83,000).
3. Belgium – $1,738 (N810,000).
4. Cameroon – 36, 270CFA ($75) N38,000.
5. Chad – $120 (N60,000).
6. Denmark – $1,820 (N900,000).
7. Libya – $430 (N190,000).
8. Japan – $1000 (N450,000).
9. Cote D’ivoire -36,607CFA $72.
10. New Zealand -$3,187 (N1.4m).
11. Luxemburg – $2,500 (N1.1m).
12. Spain – $760. (N300,000).
13. Switzerland – $5,620 – N2.5m.
14. USA – $11 per hour.
Honestly its quite saddening to see Nigeria just fighting for these at its 58th year this progress is/was far too delayed.

Are we truly independent when one of our politicians came out boldly to say ” if you can’t go through the pain of rigging, Do not contest”. Often than not I ask myself. Where are we going as a country?
Particularly I’m all for portraying the good of the country and understanding the basis that each country has its own 99 problems. Nevertheless why are we still battling demons of the past who are ought to be silenced by now.

Reality is Nigeria has the funds and sources, if not where do we find the funds to load the cabinet’s pockets with millions(29m and above) whereas the Body of the nation manages #18,000 as the minimum wage.
Sir Tafawa Balewa on October 1st 1960 said” we the elected people of Nigeria, concentrated on proving that we are fully capable of managing our affairs both internationally and as a nation. He continued we are indeed, proud to have achieved our independence “. As Albert Camus rightly said” freedom is nothing but a chance to be better “.

Dear Reader, what step are you taking as a Nigerian to actualize our independence in every sector. Not just a name or a day in particular in order to pack the year with lengthy Holidays. Independence is an everyday affair portrayed in our actions and words. William Faulkner succinctly said” we must be free not because we claim freedom but because we practice it”.
With Joseph Hopkinson i conclude ” Enjoy the peace, Your valor won. Let it be our boast, Ever mindful what it cost; Ever grateful for the prize, Let its altar reach the sky.

Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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