Insecurities:are they of importance

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Insecurities poses as a greater part of our everyday problems, particularly, of this generation. Everyone has that little ounce of insecure thoughts, if they are willing to be honest with themselves. Without the exception of that one person or the other that makes it their job or business to bash and trash other people by saying various disdain things.
Whereas, the word INSECURITY clearly explains itself. It means security that isn’t within; you aren’t secure about how you think about yourself, nor feel about yourself. Which should be corrected and challenged by understanding that another person’s words or point of view only gets to you when you already doubt yourself or have similar thoughts relating to what the next person just said which originally shouldn’t get to you or affect you.
The reality that most insecure persons fail to realize is that whoever makes you feel insecure is also insecure. Funny, right? Most bashful words stem from a pool of jealousy which means they wish they had what you have which depicts that they aren’t pleased with themselves. This plainly and boldly screams INSECURE and that brings me to the next line of thought; Why am I bothered so much about someone else’s opinion about me? Why bash someone else or speak ill of them?
Perhaps, what we fail to realize is all that truly matters is yourself. Confidence can come from outside but it has to come from within and that focuses our energies on making ourselves better without allowing another person’s opinion dictate the way we live. That gives your subconscious a reminder of your million shades of gorgeousness.
I listen to people scream every now and then, especially on social networks. Hey! You are fat; he’s fat or she’s fat. Fun fact is the thinnest person also has fat in his or her body. What is the fuss? Why can’t you encourage healthiness in an healthy manner? Healthiness in the way we talk, think, and communicate. The self embraced slim figured person can be anorexic, in other words unhealthy. If you feel uncomfortable with your appearance, endeavor to be better and encourage yourself and every other person to work on themselves. It’s not a bad thing to be better or want more for yourself. A plus sized person can be himself or herself– big yet healthy .
Conclusively, let’s not just focus on guarding our properties or commodities only but guard our inner thoughts, self esteem with a great boost of confidence– securing our within whilst making all of ours secured .
Tobi-Makinde Melody.

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