Is change overrated?

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Now, let’s talk about change. Shall we?

I’m quite sure each and everyone of us has heard the word change more than a million times already. Ideally, change begins with a shift which starts from below with little steps before the output is gotten. The output there is Change. Think of it as a process. Honestly, it’s a process. Where am I going with this? You might be wondering, I will tell you.

An average, middle man shout the word change everyday, in fact I think change is a word that occurs in everybody’s speech. It’s a powerful word thrown out unnecessarily which makes it powerless when received.

Change is a cycle. A cycle begins with a process consisting of tiny steps which quite is invisible before it becomes what it is and conspicuous. Walking pass slums and garages, you hear their constant speech of change. Taking a stroll into the plot of Nigerian politics, the word, Change is so evident on every banner. In fact, in political schematics, Change has become a paradigm. However, don’t you think the people who want to effect change are the ones that need change? If we want our highly upheld vocab to be effective, we need action and not words only.

Change should commence with an individual not some people in high positions of authority because humans occupy that position. We should be the change we want to effect not trying to effect the change we are not. In reality, a typical parent screams and shouts change everytime a child does something of which the child doesn’t understand but nods along because that’s what is expected of the child — to nod to the change they are not or have a glimpse of and most times, promise to effect that change. To be sincere, CHANGE involves honesty in little things; seeing things for what they are; starting a process and finishing it well and not half way.

Nobody said change was easy. It takes work, discipline and integrity on your path to make a change. The six letter word CHANGE looks easy to say or light to vomit but it isn’t all that easy to make. Practically, the process, change begins with a typical African child who is instructed to bring a sum of #400 to school the next day. If the child demands for the actual money without inflating the price to #1000 or thereabout at home like other kids would do, that child has become the change they want to see.

Next step is when the mum, remembering she’s a role model refuses to inflate the price from 200 to 2000 naira to her husband but she rather remains honest instead. That was a decision, a choice.

Most times, I listen to folks scream corruption everywhere, every now and then and I am perplexed. Perhaps, we should start with ourselves before calling or involving the big guns(government) because it’s those children given in the above scenario that later end up inflating prices who might end up leading us. Hence, the cock and bull stories about missing money. There lies the cycle– from inflating prices, to lieing, dishonesty, greed and more huge inflations in the long run.

Perhaps change wouldn’t be an ordinary, over used and molested word if we showed our children reality from the primary stage of their lives; if we didn’t feed them tales that turn to sales. If we emphasized honesty by being the model of honesty ourselves and perhaps, we stopped with emphasizing on every bad occurrences as our everyday news, and reflect and speak of the good instead. Because a wise man once said “stop pursuing the darkness, rather broadcast the light, which overshadows the darkness”. Dont misquote me. I am not saying we shouldn’t discuss the bad, or cover it up but we shouldn’t do it to the point that everything is painted bad.

Probably, Change will be Change if there is an insight to improve the educational system by begging to differ and not being stereotypes; by not teaching the same thing taught in 1960 in 2019 the same way and if a typical fireband Christian parent won’t call down the heavens when a child succeeds in Yoruba and French instead of mathematics and English and rather see it as an avenue to create, stand out, build up potentials and not coerce to be just doctors and engineers only.

I ask myself the why’s at times. I mean why are we always trying to compare someone to another. I hear elders compare one country to the other which is bad. We should also realise that each country as its 99 problems but the method of handling the problems makes the difference of which I believe we should start by being a difference creating the latter CHANGE.

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