Labels:are they necessary?



Today’s discussion revolves around the art or rather, the act of labelling– a tag attached to something or someone for identification. Labels are also referred to as names. Most goods either consumables or non consumables have a label for differentiation of products or determination of quality. However, must we put a label on everything? What do I mean by everything? I believe you must be wondering.

This century or generation of ours has a label on every category of human beings. This revolves around the word, Everything. During a plethora of reasoning, I wondered why a car can’t just be a car without a tag differentating the car into The Rich Man’s Car and the Poor Man’s Car. This leads me to my point, categorising human beings.

In our society today, every human has a category– the lower class, middle class or the rich class. Also, we also have the black and white categories.

I’m surprised at the way we categorise every human being into black and white. It is sad to see little kids putting up the habit of labelling people from their primary stage due to what they see others do and I wonder why we can’t see every human as a human without a reference to their complexion which determines how they are treated. Why can’t we train our children to see an albino and not point them out due to low melanin content while we see them as fellow human beings who have the right to live and be peaceful; not set aside or neglected and stared at for too long?

The kids sited above usually see labelling as a norm which must be passed to people in various educational institutions which results in bullying of their fellow colleagues; causes low self esteem; low performance in school and tag them labels like loner, nerd, and the likes. Bullying doesn’t have to involve violence. Words are enough to do the trick.

However, the above labels can hinder most people who aspire to be great in future because the labels keep coming and distract them from achieving their goals. If care is not taken, they can end up being the labels. Funny enough, most parents don’t know that different negative labels affect their children negatively. It’s true how words equate the egg. That is, once spoken, it can’t be reversed.

It is of good importance to know that humans are meant to be categorised not labelled because labels are meant for commodities not humans. Also, it will be great if everybody gives a thought to their words before voicing them out.
Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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