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Love is an infamous word in this generation of ours whose use has been bastardized in such an engraving manner. A topic of discussion in our everyday life.
In the words of Charles lotte “love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only what you are expecting to give which is everything”.

The Holy book says Love is patient, love is kind with reference to the popular bible verse John 3:16:For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Furthermore Ancient Greek philosophers identified and categorised forms of love for better understanding.(which I believe we all know)

It is quite saddening to see the widely accepted definition of display of love in our generation. We often forget that love is meant to impact on the autonomy of the lover and the beloved. Something that has become a different thing entirely.

Love which is meant to serve as an ingredient for an electro valent bonding for the world has rather become a vulnerability instead. With reference to the Bible verse quoted above. In that scripture we understand that love involves sacrifice, something most of us tends to stay away from. It’s a known fact that 75% of the youths (female) prefer a lover who gives, whilst they receive(excerpt google) or in fact do nothing than have mind blowing orgasms

Apart from sex in a relationship? What are you doing or giving.
We rather want to receive the love  from the other partner or yet fufill our sexual desires and discuss other people’s life history and not invest nor give or even input in the “lovers life” which is rather baffling.

Someone once said love is a lifetime of kindness. But who wants to follow that up especially with the picture pop culture has presented youths and teens which is unrealistic and misplaced. And the scenario some supposed romantic movies portray as their definition or nutrients for/of love. I’m opportunistic to at times see some misplaced display of love and affection on social media and the reality which lovers and beloved try to cover up mistakes by uttering the word”I love you”.That’s when you see long epistles of lovely jargon on Instagram.
Therefore everything should be forgiven or that the word be uttered solves everything or erases the fact that they did something wrong. In fact the word love or I love you has lost its meaning in this generation. It’s just a mere combination of colorful words.
The bitter pill we all refuse to swallow is that love is a skill ,it requires learning, love is work, it involves sweat, communication and a whole ton of effort. Love isn’t words but a large dose of action. Some even believe jealousy to be love but it’s rather the degree of the lovers insecurity. There’s this popular song bodak yellow by artiste Cardi B-she said I’m quick to cut a nigga off so don’t get comfortable. Weeks later her husband cheated on her and we haven’t seen her leave. Or have we?. Our highly copied celebrities live a different life off set and on set(a facade). Which all youths will rather gullibly imbibe.
Our 21st century definition of love involves cheating,unfaithfulness and what not. Love encompasses everything that’s not the above.
Words etc. (Which we all claim to know)and probably heard times without number.
It’s such a pity that the words of Leonardo da Vinci reveals the exact picture of 21st century “love”.  “Our generation of love shows itself more in adversity than prosperity “.The world at large needs to find its bearing on the issue of love or what love is.
With differentiation amidst loneliness, infatuation, or screwing around feelings,and love. I believe then will there be a vast improvement for the world at large. And a reduction in unnecessary dramatics that’s the center stage of social media and of the world today.

Tobi -Makinde Melody©

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