(A dam burst open that can’t be managed).
By Tobi-Makinde Melody.
I thought you’d change.
And come to see the error of your ways.
Realising just how badly


you’ve hurt people,

How deeply you’ve scarred them


It’d have been better,

If this came from elsewhere,
But from you?

What horror!

Like the prodigal son,
I thought you had fully come back home.
and truly realized what you did.
With a heart of soberness
And the old skin sheds off.
With the performances and arts
It required.
The emergence of a new skin,

Indeed! Yours emerged,


though with more hatred and ferocity for wickedness,


nonchalance, and cynicism.


And I wondered

How bonds and kinship
which is supposed to be the balm that soothes
became the very thing we feared and remained cautious about. 

I know this.

Because despite my thick skin,


My love runs deeply

That part of myself,
I can’t seem to change anyways,
It instead resonates deeply
Over the bark and barriers
I created for bulletproofing against odds.
I’ve always wondered,
Ever since I tasted life’s cruelty,
Is there a way to turn on and off—
Love and Kindness?
Or how do you keep,
Or maintain Paranoia
Amongst friends and Family?
Unfortunately that’s the state of times.

Either way,

Here I am growing


spikes like a hedgehog.

Against incoming predators
As I prepare for a new season,


All of this taught me a lot.

That forgiveness doesn’t require amends.
Or amendments


Because unfortunately,


apologies can be uttered without meaning. 


So you can forgive and


let go.


Or you can forgive and


hold on.


The choice is yours.


I’ve made mine,


and I’m finally at peace with it.

Photo credit: Raykul Artistry (Shot and edited by the above mentioned)
Tobi-Makinde Melody ‘© 22 

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