Pressure Point N/m²(Its compelling ability)

Pressure Point N/m²(Its compelling ability)

Everyone has their insecurities, there’s just a limit to how it is projected – Tobi- Makinde Melody. O

I would like to think that technology is doing more good than harm. But I can’t seem to say that anymore since the inception of Social media.

One of the major propelling forces of depression stems from social media, trying so hard to be what you are not so as to be accepted, and even fussing unnecessarily about what is just a well connoted lie and a lot of editing.

Moreover, its so saddening that we have deviated from what truly matters and are more fixated on what isn’t. Where we can’t seem to have a proper life until we put up everything about ourselves on the media. Especially with everyone trying so hard to be in trend and little by little lose themselves in the process.

Insecurities are a pop-up phase in life we all have to accept and move on. There’s no such thing as being perfect or being all rounder. We all have our Achilles heel and its up to us how we decide to handle it, we could accept it or let it affect us. You can’t allow insecurities or inferiority complexes to overpower us and blind us to the extent of refusing to see the bigger picture or trying to project our strong points and make something of it.

Frustratingly, yesterday I saw a video of bebe rexha( a musician) Complaining of designers refusing to dress her up because she’s a size 8 and they only have model sized clothes. Which is horrible and part of the problems of the society.

Everybody can’t be thin or slim, varieties has to be in place for a balance in system. But its also up to each and every woman out there to fall in love with her body, irrespective of what social media dictates or say.

According to Economics human wants can’t be satisfied. Which is so true because even the seemingly perfect person everybody wants to be like has one complaint or the other about themselves or things relating to them. With a decision to either dwell on it, act on it or let it slide.

In addition, we have vivid examples of Lupita Nyongio and Naomi Campbell, these are black women dominating their domains. Without allowing people’s opinion or backlash about their skin affect their career, we can all attest to the great things Naomi did in the Modelling sector of the world.

My point is we can’t all be white or fair skinned, we can’t all be slim or curvy. We have to accept what we have ,cherish it and most importantly find comfort in it.

More so acceptance shouldn’t come from appearance but from understanding, Knowledge and making the world somewhat better since you stepped into it.

We can’t all be actresses and Models and fashion moguls. What of the screenwriters and lyricists. An example is Jon Bellion who was in fact a song writer for most celebrity musicians like Rihanna and the likes. Before becoming one himself.

You don’t have to be in the limelight before you make changes. You could as well be at the very back and still make things happen.

In as much as we all want to have the relish of some kind of acceptance let it be
•Acceptance that engages meaningful relationships while stimulating growth,the ability to search yourself and find yourself and most importantly authenticity and purpose filled actions. While contributing tiny positive bits to each paths you cross.

I conclude with this very own words of mine.
” Your insecurities are valid,don’t let them ruin your beautiful. “

Tobi- Makinde Melody©

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