Welcome to this week’s memo. I’m brimming with excitement about who our topic for this week is.

Are you a Filipino movie lover? Are you fashion savvy? If Yes to both of those or just one, then this is a must read.

The Filipino sweetheart gracing every screen with her exotic mannerism, beauty and acting style. Her beauty is an amazing combination of subtle and sharp- once seen, can’t be forgotten, and definitely everything to write home about.

Who is she?

She is Elizabeth Soberano.



Liza rose to prominence on the set of Forevermore (2014), which was where I fell irrevocably and irreversibly in love 😍 with her onscreen and off-screen.

Mind you- she was definitely on a lot of movie productions prior to “the one.

She acted as the protagonist in forevermore alongside “Enrique Gil”. The plot centered on romance and a lot of drama. With a total of two seasons and 148 episodes, this movie is the absolute bomb💥.

Many might cringe at the mere sight of ‘romance genre’ while checking out the details of a “to watch movie”, but I assure you this movie is totally worth every minute and seconds spent in its viewing.

It infuses the reality of life into each episodes as two different backgrounds clash, but beyond all odds love still found a tiny thread of lifeline to clasp; irrespective of the secrets, lies and betrayals. 

Alongside the characters finding their love language gradually and we the viewers loving the unravelling, ravishing and jaw dropping furor lurking at every corner.

The gradual extension of love from a tiny little spark into full blown fireworks display among the hearts involved was refreshing. 

After all, a little bit of romance never hurts nobody💏. This movie was the start of something fresh and different for Liza as she blossomed through the years.

Liza and Enrique on the set of Dolce Amore.

After Forevermore, she became the perfect loveteam with Enrique Gil. In fact one of the most popular in the Filipino entertainment scene; Hence the hashtagging #Lizquen, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?🦝

The two then proceeded to being paired alongside each other in almost every movie, either as a standalone or a series- compared to the other loveteams.

One amazing fact about Liza is, she owns the romance genre platform alongside Enrique like a boss that she is. Majority of the movies she’s starred in are romance genre, or rather have a touch of romance in its major ingredients- and she does the finest of jobs on every one of them.

Dolce Amore, was one hell of a movie featuring her and her beau “Enrique Gil” and they shone brighter than a diamond. Bringing the complications of relationships into exploration and the vivid importance of “hope” in every situation.

Enrique and Liza

Enrique and Elizabeth Officially became a couple in the year 2019. Irrespective of their sizzling attraction and fit and majorly working together as a team in various movies.

The news made headlines and of course the hearts of many fans beat wildly for joy, because their wildest dream became a reality.
Speculations come in daily about this two, and they mostly never address the situation due to their age difference. Years back, Enrique publicly affirmed his love for Liza, but the two couldn’t properly go about it until she turned eighteen.

This two are as delicious 😋as they come onscreen and much more something to gush about off-screen. Their onscreen chemistry and physics is so shocking, much more their synchronization- like two peas in a pod.
Way before the public confirmation, there were pictures of them together everywhere on their social media accounts and of course subtle hints on a daily.

Just look at them! 🥺

The hints varied as each day blurred, from the stolen glances and kisses at events and carpets. To the many gifts showered on each other by themselves of course.

My heart ❤️ Chanel Boy

The above picture spotted the actress on a casual outfit and Chanel Bag, this gorgeous piece was a birthday gift from Enrique himself as at the year 2017. Aren’t they the cutest?😈

My all-time favorite thing about this beauty, is her fashion choices they are endearing, smart and simple. She rocks simplicity with such vigor and vim.

Apart from being a sappy romantic myself, I’m a fashion enthusiast to the core, Fashion after all is a further extension of yourself.🔊

Oh honey, cue the Jacket

A big Kudos to her stylists and make-up artistes. They are always on par, no wrinkle, concealer or lipstick out of place. Her glam squad usually gives us some honey; soft look and sometimes they switch up the game to fierce.

Both are absolute waowzaas on her, irrespective of the look they go for.
This brings me too- my favorite looks of Liza of all time



Go girl!😘

1. This is one badass hell of a look, I’m so in love. From the garter like design, to the pants and the jacket. With scattered sequins to go, topping it all off with a soft glam; some shimmer and a glossy ruddy lip color to the kill.

She really served this look awesomely!
The absolute beauty of this look, it’s not meant for every body type. On many, it might look childish and outlandish. But on Liza, she slayed!


2. Be still my heart. Ouuuuu! She looks spectacular, this was her outfit to the abs-cbn ball Last year. It wasn’t excessive, was a perfect combination of daring and subtlety. The right amount of skin and coverage, from the uplift in the sleeves- to the shimmery lines dotting this exquisiteness, like some bling to the rescue.

Paired with a laid back hair and the softest glam.
She absolutely turned up the heat to a whole new level.

Sheesh girl! 😚

 3. I’m definitely in love with her glam squad. This piece is a killer, especially the slit like curvier along the bodyline stopping right above her waist. This piece is surely something, especially the hair bob paired with this entire outfit.

The firmness of the material fits on her body like a glove, like it was specially made for her.🤤



4. This is casual and awesome. She’s telling us she’s not afraid to show some skin. From the bum shorts, to the paired shirt and the rolled sleeves. The shades donned are the best next thing.

There are more, but I love this four the most. Her designer items are a mix of shades (my person), bags, clothes and sneakers (Yep! Definitely my person). Her bags are amazing, and thanks to her thoughtful beau for gifting her some.😻

Her latest looks are a splash of Balenciaga, especially her Balenciaga Ville bag. It’s amazing.


Just look put how snug the bag looks on her. From the suit piece to the sneakers and of course her bag choice brought a pop of color- making the look as whole as possible.

•  I can’t forget the most exquisite piece of bag case she rocks sometimes. The Chanel Filigree double c’s Vanity Case. I’m in love the bag and she pairs it just well.😼


Just look at her, the bag, her berets, the ankle boots and of course the Eiffel tower makes this look yummy. Cue– Justin bieber’s yummy playing here.
The red Jacket brings life to the look and her berets ❣️❣️❣️.

She gives beret a new meaning to fashion from being a discarded piece for church or school uniforms to something else entirely. Something you and I would wanna rock.💤🔥

She’s definitely a girl who knows what she wants and how to serve this heart wrecking looks.


I could go on all day about my favorite things about this girl, but they are too many.

Till next time my loves. 😃

Keep the Fashion alive.


Melody Tobi- Makinde’20 ©

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