The Art of Giving


Giving might be something you have probably heard/ lectured yourselves about. Nevertheless, we should strive to improve our thoughts and attitude towards giving.

Giving surpasses having the tendency to donate only when we feel like or because of various religious beliefs. Giving as opposed to what it is now,is supposed to be a part of us. Almost as free as breathing air in. 

Although, you might start thinking. To what capacity am I financially buoyant? That will make me confer money so easily or even buy a gift. I have goals,ideas I need to implement, Above all I have a family looking up to me.

Here’s where the update comes in. Giving doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, infact if you can’t afford bestowing as an act every now and then. It’s all well and good.

Moreover, the first lesson on the art of giving is that:

  1. Giving isn’t limited to only when asked. When last have you given freely because you wanted to, and not because a friend asked for money or because someone walked up to you to tell you about donations to orphanages.
  2. Secondly, there’s something called the act of deciphering. We would get to that as we progress, you don’t have to go all the way before you are deemed a giver. On a serious note when last have you given to your friends, your mom or dad.
  3. Giving isn’t a one way street of or only for your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband / wife. Giving is for anyone and everyone. Yourself isn’t an exclusion, when last have you given yourself a little something?
  4. Thirldly, this is where the principle of deciphering comes in. Giving doesn’t mean Money or anything Monetary. Giving is listening, deciphering that the person next to you a stranger or a friend needs a listening ear. Or a little bit of a joke here and there. Lending that listening ear to that person who has been emotionally frustrated and needed to release those pent up energy or vent is giving. You just gifted that person a free therapy.
  5. Time is an art of giving. Calling, praying for that friend, taking time to visit or randomly speak to someone. In order to cheer them up, creating time to share a good laugh is given. Some people are out there who don’t even know what happiness is anymore. That little piece of chuckle or smile is a gift/ giving.
  6. Dishing out compliments is giving whether its corny or not. You might have unintentionally provided a much needed healing concerning self or self esteem to the person.
  7. Giving isn’t limited to special occasions or festive periods. Helping is giving, Loving someone is giving, Compassion is giving. So give that ear to listen. Give That mouth to help that person.  

In conclusion, “Giving is unravelling the best of what is within you and helping others awaken to their best selves”- Anonymous

Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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