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The Genesis of the Covid-19 pandemic started out as a brutal attack on human lives and our definition of normality as it were. The present condition of the world used to be something of a fiction genre or a sci-fi movie – but it has turned out to be in fact real.

As time progressed, everyone got better at surviving and poignant issues came into being – issues which spurred a lot of actions, tweets and posts on the highway of social media – bringing into light what I aim to pursue in this piece.
Honestly, it feels like everyone is jumping on the #Blacklivesmatter train without actually understanding racism and its brutality; probably for clout and a public show of who performs more or appears to be concerned.
Racism is one issue I feel visceral about but most people tend to classify it as a constant action recurring in every generation and brush it away as something that is normal and should be ignored. In general, majority of the population might not even be able to categorically define and explain what they understand by racism other than the constant example of ‘the supposed white race’ feeling superior to ‘the supposed black race.’
That asides, I have always wondered why people place such a huge responsibility and expectation on such a fickle element of revolution in terms of ‘color.’
As a result of vast and little differences in the hue of skin tone – many die, lose their self-esteem, remain jobless, and can’t properly reach their full potential. The bone of contention isn’t per say the color. But this mere color is the genesis of major problems of which there are many examples. The obvious one being Black deemed as the color representing bad, evil or demonic; whereas white is taken to mean innocence, purity and what not.

In retrospect, Black as a color representation – is a being due to its ability to absorb light. While white as a color refers to something bright, pale and just blank. Simple right? But why is the refractive ability of light as perceived by the eye further classified into shades, becoming something of importance which dictates judgement, freedom and perception?

This compulsive need of the mind or behavior to classify things is the major reason why the realities of life are either in category white or black. Meanwhile, in reality, life is so fatally unclassifiable and can’t just be placed under a certain spectrum or label. Most people will be going on about Black representing the bad and white the good; truthfully isn’t life the mix of both shades? We would think that with the certain amount of ‘wokeness’ permeating from every pores of this generation, some archaic methodologies and ideologies would be left behind.
It’s really sad that even an innocent child story that is supposed to describe colors in their true and natural forms now reflect the certain images and feelings that have been attached to them. As a result, you see innocent little kids gravitating towards the reluctance to have anything to do with a black person; because they have the impression that angels are white and apparently demons, the devil himself, is ‘black or adores black.’ All these mind poisoning further rears its ugly head in terms of seat choice on the subway – kids who are supposed to be free-minded and pure-hearted now think that sitting beside a black person spells doom or signifies bad omen for them. Who to blame?

The balance of thoughts and behavioral psychology in terms of scales have tipped eons ago and it’s simply being passed down through each generations. Which makes me wonder when ‘all these’ will stop and when we will decisively determine to be the change and start to see things play out differently. Since everyone seems to claim ‘Sainthood’ or a plain ‘Villain’ these days in terms of attitude complex; I won’t be surprised if we were to suddenly read or find out that Adolf Hitler during his lifetime classified his actions as the ‘right thing’ with valid reasons.
I’m of the thoughts that – the present important issues the world is facing is just a residue of the giant elephant in the room under the wraps of civilization, culture, beliefs and religion. One of those is ‘Hierarchy’ – which is basically an initiative to feel superior about one’s existence, self and being at the cost of something else which in this case could be someone’s appearance, happiness, career, relationships and friendships.

When would we inculcate the habit of seeing for one’s self and taking research as an important attribute – and not rest on the oars of someone else’s ‘mistakes, words, beliefs and thoughts’? It’s palpable that we often shy away from asking important questions such as why things ‘are’ and/or ‘were‘ because of the fear of what we may find – which could be what we hold on to dearly as a prerogative for morality.
Let’s be honest – the issue of Black lives being associated with darkness, violence and other gothic themes are as a result of the ills and cracks in the foundations of various individuals; extremists actions and rottenness in many homes. According to the US department of Justice; In ….. African Americans accounted for 52.5% of all homicide offenders, while whites accounted for 45.3%. In 2013, African Americans accounted for 52.2% of murder arrests, while whites accounted for 45.3%. If one is supposedly ‘better’ than the other- why are both spectrums found in this deadly acts? Irrespective of the percentage difference which is honestly quite minute, both races are proven to be very much capable of grave crimes.

There are no truer words than the fact that ‘the greatest truths are the ones we have the most difficulty in believing’. They indicate just how linear we all tend to be. A lot of beliefs used as a moral compass are as a result of someone’s thinking which are then passed down from generations to generations and we accept it. Because that’s how it has been.

A lot of people haven’t realized their capabilities and are indirectly living out someone else’s dream and life because they refuse to think for themselves. It is possible to feel superior about your existence without any detrimental effect on your neighbor or whoever is around you. It is possible to appraise your roots without clouding your perception or judgmental compass when it comes to seeking the truth about others’ roots. And our findings should not be based on the result of what someone somewhere said or postulated, but based on veritable and undistorted facts. Because in the end, we are all humans irrespective of errors, past choices, race, tribe or religion.

You might be pondering on the topic ‘Hierarchy’ and why or how it relates to racism. The truth is, racism isn’t subjected to just the two generally classified races – it happens often within the same races as well. For example, a black person discriminating against another black person. The one feeling superior might be caramel in color and doesn’t want be seen or ‘caught’ mingling with person who happens to be the bearer of the darkest pigmentation. And of course the ‘White person’ feels he or she is better than the other ‘white person’ because he or she mingles with black people.
Few weeks into the #Blacklivesmatter, I was elated with African posts on social media enlightening people about the fact that frowning upon non-tribal marriages is also a form of racism. Berating one’s son or daughter on their choice of spouse because of their nationality, tribe or race is just plain horrible.
I therefore pose this questions to this generation and those to come: When would we stop transferring the crimes of the past generations on those to come and leave what ought to stay in the past- past? Learn from it and move on. The restrictions placed on ourselves by our linearity is usually the barricade preventing us from fully discovering who we are. Let’s rather try our best to be better daily and gradually enlighten our minds and others to relevant issues and menaces in the society.

After all it’s quite easy to believe and point fingers but the truth about who we are is usually revealed in the face of harsh realities. Rather let’s explore, find out about issues ourselves and take personal development seriously. These would help us find fulfillment in who we are without necessarily involving an innocent person in our ongoing battles and problems.
It’s a pity the eye of our minds and senses are still closed to the rich art and beauty that lies therein our exoticness and differentia. Till we can value our uniqueness, would we truly rattle the stars.

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Statistics, Bureau of Justice. ‘Homicides fall to lowest rate in four decades.’



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  1. This is one well researched article with a pertinent call to action. We all have to re-evaluate our perspectives and have rational basis for our convictions. Thank you, Melody.

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