The End of an Era


The end of an era

Tobi-Makinde Melody

I’ve always heard,
That time waits for no one.
I admit, I never truly understood it.
I just knew the words and repeated it
For whoever cared to listen.

Until, the profundity of those words
Hit me right at the jugular.
Like a bolt of lightening.


At present, I’m in awe of time.

How, it speedily ticks away,

With the trickery of a tortoise and serpent combined.
It rolls with such faux sluggishness.
Till you realise, years have rolled by.
Cherish, the “growing up phase.”
They said.

Oh boy! I’m learning to cherish mine now,
It’s never too late
To catch time red-handed in its trickery.
And make the most of it.
I’m at the numbers, I always dreamed of.



Yet, it feels like I’ve run the race
Without breathing in the flowers.
I’m thankful for harsh reminders
And realities, that keep me on my toes.
Especially about the bitter fact….

That we won’t be here forever.
I Instead, treat each day
As if it were eternity.
It’s not easy, I must admit
But, baby steps.

I had a staggering realization
That I’ve been so used
To faves and things I love
Always being there,
Like an antique.
Pleasantly preserved in a glass,

Bulletproof and unshakeable.
I always thought and sometimes do..
Think, “they’d still be.”
Till I realized, they’re not infallible
I should cherish them all — living and non living.

My revelation and reminder,
To self, in each decade
Seems like the end of an era,
And a prayer.
Which I reckon, in some way is.
Or will be.
Baby steps, baby steps.

Melody Tobi-Makinde ©’22

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