The hurricanes pirouette



Our first encounter,
Was on a sunny afternoon.
When the sly hands of fate and the world;
Colluded to test my limits.

Dear lord! Did they try?
I thought to lit a flame
Of hope one last time.
Till it turned into a story with a shoulder tap.

In that moment, the jokes were on fate.
it seemed, till you dashed the little embers of hope I summoned.
And for the umpteenth time.
I walked away — shoulders sagged.

Little did I know,
It was a beginning,
of a rollercoaster journey
And what a ride it was!

The turbulence of words
And whiplashes of complexities.
Of signs accompanied with fears
Of the unknown and what “could.”

I constantly lit a torch of hope,
With burnt fingers I continued.
Until my frazzled mind came to my rescue.
And with a strengthened resolve I let go.

It wasn’t easy, it took a toll.”
I explained with a lazy smile
As my heart cracked into tiny pieces.
You allegedly couldn’t seem to decide.

No! scratch that,
You didn’t know what you wanted,
Or if I was worth the risk,
Valid fears I reckon; But I am and always will be worth it.

It hurt, nonetheless.
Because it’s been a while.
Such a violent volcano of feelings
Visited my doorsteps.

I wished it stayed a bit
For warmth and comfort.
As each night bleeds
Slowly into a new day.

I wonder,
if my mind was rash
And my hands too hasty
And my eyes, an insane artist.

Who conned me,
With enthralling images.
And of course your heart,
So beautiful, it made me a believer.

But the heart never lies,
it danced to your rhythm
while irrythmically screaming
“Caution, young lady.”

With a fragile soul,
I pen this ode,
as the sun winks at me,
three miles away. Adieu.

Melody Tobi-Makinde ©’21

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