The Revert.

The Revert.

There’s beauty in diversity; They said.
However odd it may seem-
And sound.
Its charm lies in a synchrony of differences.

I heard about it,
I read about it,
Now, I understand it,
Because i can feel it.

And I’m seeing it in action
In my generation.
The motivation in our bones
The youths have awoken.

In their strengths and numbers
Their voices merging together into a resounding Acapella
A soulful melody
Of blood, tears, sweat and suffering.

Oh! How the narrative has changed,
And will continue to change
Here on out…
The time has come, the moment is here.

And we are here for all of it.
An important moment in history.
With United voices;
We scream our hearts out.🗣️

Tabling our bleeding hearts
And shaky voices
But effusing strengths
From the many stories,

Finally seeing the day.
Indeed this is it!
The merge of hearts and its strings,
And undoubtedly, a beautiful time to be alive.

Melody Tobi-Makinde ©’20

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