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The Filipino entertainment scene has proven to be filled  with a lot of prominent actors and actresses, who have proven to be outstanding in any field or role they get to act out.

However, one in particular has caught my attention. Based on his versatility and his ability to own the scene like it’s his at that very moment, while leaving everyone hooked to their screens and his character of course.

His name is Paulo Avelino-😅


He’s no doubt a beauty picture wise, and also when it comes to his performance on screen whether as the villain, or the victim- he excels.

🥰Portraying the nerd, business tycoon, cop, among other characters; he shines.

He undoubtedly and exceptionally stands out in romance genres and the action genre.

I will be discussing here today, about some movies he starred in, of which he caught my fancy and that of a whole others out there, and became our very own show stopper of today.



On the wings of love was one of the very first movies that gave me a peek into just how much of an all-rounder Paul is. It’s a rom-com movie genre dated as far back as 2015, consisting of about 145 episodes exploring each side of the coin, plot twists and of course incessant drama left, right and center. Paul was introduced as one of the major front liners in the story from the very start. He played the role of ‘Simon Evangelista’, one of Leah’s bosses, who later turned her life around, became a major part of her life and decisions and fell in love with her.

The storyline was thoroughly stretched and was an overall amazing movie. It got a lot of awards and of course nominations, which the movie bagged majority of.



Asintado was another movie that explored the abilities of Paul in the limelight of action, albeit in two different aspects, as a conniving and cruel person, and as a sweet and caring husband. ‘Asintado’ translated as ‘trouble shooter’ was a fully packed movie.

Consisting of 187 episodes and two seasons, it was an action, thriller, drama, and a governmental/political movie. It’s a must watch for Filipino movie lovers. His character in the movie is “Gael Del Mundo” the God son of the Governor in the movie. All characters sparkled in this delicacy.


The general’s daughter’ came fully made and ready, putting Paul in the very scene of the “heartless, cold blooded assassin with the long hair”- yeah, that’s right he wore a man bun and longer hair during the course of this chair-gripping movie.

It’s a 2019 Military action series, with a total of 183 episodes. He was part of the main characters with the name “Franco.”

This movie is a total must watch and has many awards accredited to its stealth and style.

Paul 💯

These movies and many more graced this “show stopper” displaying his wide acting skills, irrespective of the role he’s asked to play.

But what highlighted the above mentioned movies, as spectacular were the mixture of exemplary and downright amazing characters and story line. Kudos to the writers!


Asintado, The general’s daughter, and Wings of love are an absolute must watch. Insanely entertaining and dynamic. While Paul explores the depth of his oasis in his acting journey, we promise to keep you updated.


Melody Tobi-Makinde ©’20



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