The World through an eye

The World through an eye


Where the world is sweet and funny
Filled with sarcasms and humor
Like the milk filling in an Oreo
Without no pains or trials.

Where the roads and hills are colorful
The streets breathing happiness
Birds chirping away their melodies
With the wafting smell of coffee
From across the lawn
Drifting across each and every nostril.

Where there are no deaths,sorrows nor heartbreaks
No misgivings, massacres or killings.
Where everyone is in unity
Working together for a greater good.

Where life is white and see through
Transparent and transcluscent
With love so pure and kind
And a house homey and comfy.

Where the greens are plumy and lush
And rains dancing down each thick roofs
With the flowers blossoming evenly
And the sun smiling brazenly.

Where the children walked freely at night
Without fear of danger lurking somewhere
And the stars glistening with delight
As the moon lights their footpaths .

Where the happy ever afters do exist.
And love oozing from each and every home
Where the light completely overshadows the dark
With laughter echoing loudly everywhere.

Tobi-Makinde Melody©

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