Voting is a Right,not a Gamble.

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It’s not about voting for the candidate who appears perfect, remember all Presidents are human “- Michelle Obama.

In light of recent events in Nigeria, it’s no news that as the new year was ushered in, so was the inevitable election year, especially with the different dramatics being displayed in the political scene. From one of our senators fainting to his absence in court,to the rapid change in one of INEC’s head of counting officials to another.
From the utterance of Oshiomole ” if you cannot go through the pain of rigging,do not contest “, to the recent Presidential debate where the Vice President was seen interpreting to the President.

As the election days draw near, varieties of opinions are being expressed among the youths and the elderly. Most importantly,their refusal to participate in voting because in their words “it will eventually be rigged, and the bad eggs will continue to rule.”

As Abraham Lincoln succinctly said” The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” And I dare say he is right. We citizens of Nigeria complain on a regular about how horrible and bad the government is. But refuse to fight it or are tired of fighting. How can our dear Country improve or be better, if we sit back and relax while we do nothing but complain without exercising our rights and fight for the betterment of the country by voting. But at every slight opposition or challenge faced, we get tired of fighting and hoping.

Nigeria is ours and we can’t overfight for what is ours but continue to hope and pray and most importantly act right and vote wisely.

Another rare chance to put things in order has arisen,let’s in turn refuse to sell our votes blindly for a pence or a penny. But instead Vote wisely, refute brainwash and short sightedness.

Moreover if you don’t vote,you have lost absolutely every right to complain. Because you simply surrendered without putting up even an ounce of struggle or fight against vices such as embezzlement, bad governance and corruption.

John F Kennedy once said ” Someone struggled for your right to vote use it. Voting isn’t just a right – but our power, because the ignorance of a voter in democracy impairs the security of all.”

This is a wake up call to each and every Nigerian citizen because now is our future. It’s of utmost importance we vote, while understanding what we are voting for and maintaining our stance.

In addition, voting doesn’t just involve an individual but a political philosophy, a platform and an agenda which could be for the betterment of the nation as a whole or the opposite.

With the indispensable words of Robert Jeferess, I conclude that:

“Every time we go into the voting booth we are choosing the moral and spiritual Direction of our nation. That is a privilege and responsibility that should not be abdicated.”

Tobi- Makinde Melody┬ę

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