Unknown Homes


I kicked hard languorously in an unknown small dark room, I had been held captive in the “unknown home” for months. The hope of freedom I did not have, neither did I relent in my fervent litany of prayers, however, I dwelt on in the room with flimsy joy. Although, thirst and hunger I never encountered, yet I was still in need of my liberty.

A weird force woke me up from my deep sleep one day, I felt the force strongly and it was as if heaven remembered me. My exemption had located me in my bondage and I was being pushed out of the chamber by force. Safely, I landed in the palm of a creature like me, I thought of where I was? and who were the people
in white regalia? my questions ended being rhetorical questions, for answers, I found not.

I gazed earnestly as many legs trooped into where I landed after gotten out of the bondage, they all chatted and laughed with the woman that bore me in her arms . I was being carried by many hands, they explored my flesh and some even kissed my forehead.

Some years later, I turned into a man , ready to pay the debt of maturity. I needed to suffer my muscles to live, so I hunted animals with bow and arrows. I turned to be a highly skillful hunter, I killed many animals in a moon. I never for once missed my prey.

When I turned 40, my knees became weak and feeble, I lost the ability to run fast in the jungle. then 60 came, my hands got frailed and powerless to hold bow and shoot arrows, then I realized the bow had become too heavy that it can’t be lifted with both hands.

Illness gripped my soul at 80, I was so powerless I could not even grab my bow and arrows to fight the lethal sickness. I reluctantly succumbed to the ailment. I laid in bed for months, I waited in agony and sorrow for the unwanted visitor to let my soul go off it deadly hands.

Plethora of melancholy souls were wailed and howled, their eyes got engorged and turned red. Because I crossed the bar to meet my creator, I bade my bow and arrows goodbye. I was laid in my room covered in white garment, with wool in my nose and my ear. Some minutes later,I was being thrown by sons of men into a gloomy, discomforted and windowless room. I brainstormed for hours trying to figure out where I was, but I was unable to. I struggled to get it open but all my effort was in vain. I knew I had to experience an unknown home which I had experienced many years back.

Days passed by but I could not smell the odour of liberation. Suddenly, my soul left my body, walked up to the sky. My body was left in the sinister and dimmed home, while the soul made its way to the sky, confronted its creator defiantly and conversed about its adventurous

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