The Asthpol Attack- Inhalers Needed!

The Asthpol Attack- Inhalers Needed!

Bullshit! , Amanda said laughing hysterically while reaching her hands for her inhaler. The past few days have become like horror to her after she suddenly developed asthma, and here was her best friend Fred telling some really awkward stuff he supposedly heard from the news. “Fred, you’re just being too worried, why would anyone think my asthma is due to some crazy stuffs happening in the sky or what did you say it was?. She held the inhaler tightly in her palm, staring closely at Fred who seemed to be uneasy by now. “Amy you’ve got to believe this, there are evidences to this, scientific evidences! Check it, you explained that the day you realized you were diagnosed with asthma, you had spent several hours in school trying to print your project, right? ” Not waiting for a response, he continued. “You said there was a long queue and you had to stay under the Sun for several hours, you had developed severe headache afterwards yeah? You said everything went blank for a couple of minutes and you could hardly breath when you got into your supervisor’s office”. “Ok ok, so, what’s your point exactly? ” Amanda asked getting impatient. “The same night you claimed to have had nightmares, woke up, couldn’t breath and your roommate had to call the school’s healthcare centre, before you were rushed to the clinic and later diagnosed of asthma. All of these you experienced is the same thing many other persons said they had before they “suddenly” developed asthma”. “Check this out” Fred said unlocking his phone to show Amanda what had been on the headlines. “What? ” Amanda yelled, perplexed. “How, how could people suddenly fall and die because they stayed too long under the sun? This is crazy!” She cried.

“Our ozone is destroyed, nothing is protecting us, nothing Amanda, nothing!” Fred yelled , slamming his hand on the faded blue wall. “How did we get here? ” Amanda cried scrolling through Fred’s iphone 31x. The news was everywhere, about 74 countries globally has had cases of people suddenly developing asthma while people with weaker immune system just fall dead. Three market women were reported to have fallen dead at Watima market. One was a pepper seller, the other sold finely roasted fish by the road side, while the third woman ran a mechanic shop. Several children who hawked on the street and the main road were developing intense difficulty with breathing- asthma suddenly.

World leaders had come together and had decided to pass a bill that no one goes out during the day, movement could only be from 6pm, this was the only available solution to this crisis. A crisis no one saw coming, but everyone had contributed to it. Polluting the earth. Inhalers became on high demand, everyone had one, this was made compulsory.

How long will this last?

This isn’t like the 2020 Corona virus outbreak that came supposedly from the Chinese. This one definitely came from the actions and inactions of everyone. And now, we’re grounded. The ASTHPOL attack was real and everyone, anyone was susceptible! Amanda thought as she cried reaching for her inhaler.

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