Don’t act like it’s normal. It’s not Okay.

Injustice is the new Order of the day.

It pains me a lot to see it. I wish it would go away.

Forget about my rhymes. It’s as important as what you say.

This thing is leaving people speechless.

Many people think less.

Others try to run away but to where? It’s quite useless.

The new world enemy is black.

And they want nothing more than to drag us back.

They turn us to slaves, take our resources, make us lack.

And yet some of us ain’t doin’ nothing to put us back on track.

Check out some of our youth, the “Leaders of Tomorrow”.

All they do is bring nothing but pain and sorrow.

They don’t work. They just steal and borrow.

It hurts so much you can feel it to your bone marrow.

This is what makes people violent.

Some die because they are too succulent.

And the way things are going, we’ve become more dependent

On the ones that want to destroy us and make us extinct.

So I urge us all to be strong. We can’t go on like this.

It’s gone on for too long. Without Justice there’s no Peace.

This is far too wrong. We should stop the Prejudice.

Let’s do it for the sake of our young. Let’s stop the war. Let there be Peace.

             President”Kilarhymz” Uko




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