The African Heritage


Africans, all of us, from the he to the she

Black (and beautiful) were we made to be

Chosen by God himself to be

Different from the rest, as you can see

Envy towards us from other nations

Failing to beat the competition

Given to us all in equal ration

Having to make a great decision 

Inbuilt in us was the will to survive 

Jolted and shoved about, we still thrived

Killed in our numbers, more still arrived 

Living in hardship, we’re still alive

Maiming us only made us stronger

Naked and cold, we only lived longer

Overwhelmed with stress, we still looked younger

Powerful still even when beaten like a conga

Queens and Kings reborn like a phoenix from the flames

Rose to power and made for ourselves a name

Stopped at nothing to achieve our fame

Took no chances, now see what we became

Under no circumstances will we flee again

Vested in us is the power to withstand the strain

Waiting for the time we will strike like lightning during rain

“X marks the spot no more! Get lost, you and your train!”

Yet there’s hope for a future without pain,

Zeal to work towards it and make the gain.

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