COVID-19 and Technology

COVID-19 and Technology

As much as this piece would like to sound as interesting, let us make it educative and an enlightenment and I ask the question, how has 2020 been for you? 2020 has been a roller coaster if you ask me and that is a term we could refer to especially after the entrance of the pandemic phase. The infectious disease COVID-19, has taken a huge toll onto our lives globally and it has had severe consequences to various sectors but, hey, the year is almost coming to an end so, let’s talk about technology and COVID-19 and how the two have impacted each other. Could we say the relationship has been symbiotic or is it not but, let us have the discussion.

How is it that people get knowledge and become aware of the infectious disease? Through what medium is awareness created? That my friend is the reliance of technology and communication. Today, we are glued to relying on the media to receive information that is important to us instead of going out yet we are forced to stay under quarantine.

So, how do you do some of your shopping or business? Technology and COVID -19 has re-introduced to us e-commerce. The most common ways of spreading the virus is through contact and as a result, we minimize going out. We are restricted to buying and selling goods online. How many pages do we see conducting business through social media, and the good part, just at our fingertips it gets delivered on our doorstep, how nice of e-commerce.

With the introduction of digital and cashless payments, I mean it is the most reliable form of payment right now. Gone are the days you would actually be stressed over finding change and the need to withdraw money every time. It has come to our advantage.

 Let us talk of work from home and how some of us are so relieved because; we are actually getting enough sleep or as most say at our comfort zone. Work from home has suddenly become easier since we get more time to socialize.

This pandemic has resulted in the promotion of a global village as witnessed in in the interaction that exist between and among people today. There has been tremendous closeness in people as they gather and interact in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and together they indulge in activities and challenges that are of reach both globally and regionally. Communication has gone up because of the lengthy time we get to ourselves now.

In conclusion, without the entry of COVID-19, technological services would not have thrived as much as it is now and we wouldn’t have had another time to bond with family. As it is now, we should truly value our safety and that would mean we would rely on the technological trends in our basic life whether its shopping or work or health or even payments. At the end of it all, Your Safety and Health matters.

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