Chaos and Karma – 2 (Balance)

Chaos and Karma - 2 (Balance)

“Sango why?” “Sango, what have we done to deserve this?” “You are supposed to be the magnificent god, the god of thunder, the god of Justice, is this justice?” Screams echoed from Olaolu’s household as the great lightning from the sky turned into great tongues of flames.
An old woman is trapped in a burning building at the centre of a compound with Olaolu. She seethes with anger as she contemplates her fate,”Laolu!!! Laolu!!! You have offended a god and now we have brought upon the full anger of the gods.” “Maami, what are you saying in this moment, we should be focused on escaping, you are here spouting rubbish.” Olaolu was panicking in his heart, he thought about his life in these perilous moments and he tried to recall when he had offended the gods but his memory failed him. “You think we can escape the wrath of the gods, you young fool, the moment Sango’s lightning landed on this household, everyone was doomed to die, even if you ran away, another bolt of lightning would strike you. You have killed us all, Laolu, just like your useless father, you have destroyed us, I curse…” she begins to cough continuously, as she starts to inhale the smoke, “Mama save your breath, speaking nonsense at this point will only cause you harm.” Olaolu tries to caution his mother but she was an ancient woman who was already one step to the grave before the fire, at this point, he knew she was going to die soon. “Laolu… I curse the day I met your… father… I wish I never came in contact with the bad karma… of your family… you have all been cur… cursed by the gods.” She coughed continuously until she no longer made any sound, she was dead. “Mama!!! Mama… coughs” He cried out, even though he knew his mother never loved him, even though she never showed him love, he never abandoned her. She gave him life and she blamed him for his father’s excesses and she always said harsh words to him even to her grave. Notwithstanding, he loved her and now she was gone. He thought back to his life and all the images flashed by him as he descended in to the land of his ancestors. Olaolu, a man whose life was filled with struggle at every turn and persevered till he came about success was destroyed, his entire household decimated by just one bolt of lightning.
In a certain chamber at the tail end of the great household, a young and beautiful woman was giving birth to a son. Even within the chaos, the maidservants were determined to bring out this child safely. “Oba Koso, why have you done this to Olaolu? Are you suddenly blind or has the palmwine and ram meat finally eroded your sense of justice? You sentence a good and innocent man to death while there are criminals in the Alaafin’s dungeon, you put women and children to death while the thugs and goons roam about free. Sango, you have not done well and Olodumare will judge you, with my last breath I invoke the justice of Oludumare on you, Sango!!!” The young woman made the pronouncement as she succumbed to her grief and escorted her husband Olaolu to the great beyond.
The sounds of a baby reverberates in the air as the maidservant cuts his umbilical cord and laid him in his dead mother’s arms, “Olodumare, you are the Supreme God who stands over all orishas and humans, you are just and will not stand for wickedness, I ask you to judge this situation and grant us justice. Please save this boy, do not let Olaolu’s line end with this tragedy”. The maidservant cries out as she is also burned by the flames. The flames rage on in the compound and everyone is soon dead, the only sounds that could be heard were the crackles of the flames and the cries of a baby. Olaolu and his household were destroyed in one night.
In a great palace, Olodumare sits on his throne and his face shows a sign of remorse as he watches all that happened in the Yooba land. As the cries of the household of Olaolu reaches his ears, his face begins to seethe with anger, the righteous anger of Olodumare was a terrible sight even in the realm of the gods. He begins to rise from his throne when his anger took form and turned into a red clothed man, who bows and says
“Supreme One, ruler of the heavens and the earth, father of all, the great creator, I am the incarnation of your anger, your anger has been invoked due to the incredible machinations of one of your children, if you took action, this world will end right now, let your anger resolve everything and bring the great cycle of Karma back to order. Let your servant do your bidding.”
Olodumare shouts “Ibinu, what is the meaning of this? I sat quietly when my first son wasted away my goodwill and forsook my instructions for wine and pervasion, when I wanted to strike him down, you went in my place against my will and put my son Oodua to work, now my dear son lies dead in the land of the mortals, yet you tell me to sit down and let the same thing happen again? How presumptuous can you be, Ibinu? You test my patience”
“Supreme One, you created me to check your excesses, it was your great anger over your brother Okunkun (Darkness) that led you to create Orun (Sun) and Osupa (Moon) who act as his wardens in the prison of light that you placed him in, your anger against Omi (Water), your sister caused you to create land which caused boils to appear on her skin, your creations are permanent and your destruction is eternal. Let me act in your place just this one time, my liege.” Ibinu answers, his face smirks, he had always been a part of Olodumare so he knew the full extent of his rage, he only acted like this because of the goodness that existed in Olodumare’s heart.
Olodumare was balance incarnate, so his consciousness created Ibinu to put himself in place when his rage was about to make him do something terrible, he called this part of him, Ibinu because he wanted to be reminded of the terrifying power of his rage.
“Very well, Ibinu, act on my behalf one more time. This time, be sure that I will be keeping an eye on you, be well aware that if you overstep, I will not hesitate to destroy you.”
“Yes, my liege!” Ibinu then turns into a beam of light and disappears.
In the realm of lightning where Sango rules, a great palace is seen at the centre, within the palace in a grand room, Sango is seen drinking palmwine and he is slightly tipsy, he seems to be wallowing in self-pity.
“When I was a man I was powerless to a lot of things, mortality, weather, time. I thought that transcending into the realm of the gods will make me independent and free from constraints. I was so wrong, so so wrong.”
“I can’t believe the great god of thunder and justice would be in such a deplorable state.” On hearing that voice, Sango was shocked, his drinking gourd fell on the ground and shattered, “Who goes there?”
“Oh Sango, I know we have not seen in a long time, but how could you forget me.”
A young handsome man comes out of the shadow, the light radiating from his body seemed to eradicate the darkness in the lightning realm, on seeing the man. Sango went on one knee and lowered his head.
“Great Emissary of the Great God Olodumare, your servant acknowledges your presence.” “Oh Sango, stop with the flattery, you are going to make me blush, anyways, do you know why I am here?”
“I assume my great-grandfather is angry with me.”
“You? Oh no, you were helpless in that situation, you were like a fly in the machinations of a powerful individual, Olodumare wanted to get up and swat the plotter but if he did, you know what catastrophes would have occurred, Hahahaha, its funny how my name is Ibinu whereas he is the one with the anger issues”
On hearing the words spoken by Ibinu, the thunder in the realm became louder and terrifying as if telling Ibinu to not say too much. On seeing this, Ibinu jumped with fright and lowered his head.
“As you can see, Olodumare has taken a special interest in this case and he has given me the power to make things right again, that’s why I am here, Sango, Karma must be restored.”
“Yes, I will do anything to make things right again, anything!”
“Ofcourse you will and I will be watching, let me just give you a hint
“What hint?”
“Well, let’s just say that, you did not completely botch thing over, your lightening did not kill everybody in that household”
“That’s impossible, my lightning is thorough and accurate, it destroys every living creature in a family once it is invoked, no living person that has been born as at the time, the curse is invoked can escape it, no matter where they run to, except…”
“Except a newborn child was born and he did not exist as at the time your curse was invoked”
Light could be seen in Sango’s eye and he started laughing, he was absolutely ecstatic, it was like he had found a new lease in life.
“Hahahaha, Supreme Emissary, thank you for this opportunity to make things right, tell great-gramps that I won’t fail him again.”
“Hmmmm, well I guess you understand now,my job as a peace maker is done, now give your great uncle some wine and lets reminisce on old times, I might even tell you a story or two”
Thunder rumbling could be heard and a loud sound which could deafen the heavens and the earth could be heard. “Ibinu!!!”
Ibinu’s face grimaced with fear and he chuckled and said “Your great-gramps is such a grumpy old man, some wine would do him some good, when you are done with your mission, you should go and see him, you know how much he dotes on you.”
“Haaa, I really don’t want to see his rage.”
“I told you, he is not angry at you and you know he can’t stay mad at you forever, he loves you”
Sango smiles and replied “Alright, once I am done, I’ll come and see him and maybe I’ll hear a few stories.”
“Awesome”, Ibinu then disappears, Sango looks towards earth and he turns into a beam of light and travels to Earth.
A baby is heard crying, the sound was so sad that it could invoke sadness even in the heart of the toughest men, all around him was fire, it burned every single thing it touched but amazingly, it did not come within a feet from the boy, it was like the flames did not dare to cross the one foot radius where the boy was lying. On the boy’s upper arm, a bright golden mark appeared. It had the shape of the heavens and it felt like the heavens approved of this boy.

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