Chaos and Karma – 3 (The Great River)

Chaos and Karma - 3 (The Great River)

Sango landed in the smouldering remains of Olaolu’s compound and he walked towards the baby who was basking in the heavenly glow of Olodumare. He had a bewildering expression on his face, it was like he had seen something he thought was impossible. “Great-grandfather will always be an enigma to me, he has made this little boy who has not even lived a day as a human an orisha.
He picks the boy and then moves with the speed of light to another location, and he arrives, a great river as big as the entire empire could be seen, he then shouts, “Oya, your husband has brought you a gift!!!” The river then opens and a pathway could be seen leading to the great depths of the river, from afar, a great city could be seen and deep within the city, countless women could be seen, this city and its denizens would bring an ordinary mortal to his knees.
The women were beautiful beyond all earthly comparison, even emperors would fall to a single beauty of this land, these women are the merfolk, and the daughters of Oya whom she created after Olodumare gave her a name. Oya was one of the wives of Sango and his most beloved wife, she was the water to the fire that burned within him and she was his only weakness, the only pain that existed between them was the fact that Oya did not give Sango a child after consulting the oracle, Ifa had stated that Oya was meant for greater things, she would be the mother of countless things but she would never bear Sango a child.
It was sad but that only intensified the love between them that was why even countless years after both of their veneration, they still found time to bring gifts for each other and this time, Sango was bringing a special gift for her. Within the beautiful city called Odo Oya, an extremely beautiful woman could be seen walking towards Sango, she was divine and the way her clothes clung to her curves made even the great god of thunder giddy, he choose a goddess as his wife and that was one of the few things about his mortal life, he was proud of.
Oya smiled as she saw her husband and when she saw the golden boy he was carrying, her eyes grew with shock, “Husband, whom are you carrying?” She asked Sango. Sango smiled and answered her, “Like I said, it is a gift” “Sango, your normal gifts are gold, pearls and shiny things, but this time you bring me, an orisha as a gift, a baby at that.” Oya retorted. “Just give me a while to explain, beautiful one.”
Sango then took his time to explain everything that happened, from the favour he owed the black robed orisha to the destruction of Olaolu’s compound, the visit from Ibinu and his bringing the child to the city. “Sango, you really messed things up this time, what do you want me to do?” “Oya I have committed grievous offences against this boy and his family and Olodumare and blessed him, made him one of his children and appointed me as his guardian. I wish to give you what I could not give you all those years, a child.” “Husband, what in Olodumare’s name are you talking about?” “My beautiful goddess, you know I have always been a man with violent tendencies and my palace of darkness is not a proper place for a child to grow up, so I want you, goddess of kindness, love and all things sweet to raise this child and teach him love, kindness, teach him how to be a hero like my father and his brothers, teach him what he is, he has a violent destiny ahead of him so I want to look at the time he has spent with you and let this period be his haven, his fortress of solitude especially when darkness seeks to destroy his heart. Only you are capable of doing that, fair one, only you.”
On hearing the words that Sango had just spoken, Oya with tears in her eyes nods her head and takes the child from her husband’s hand and cradles him in her hands, the baby cooes and laughs and Oya in reply also laughs, this was her child, even though he had a terrible past and a turmoil-full future, she would protect him and guide him, “What should we call him, Husband” “His name shall be Maku”
Sixteen years later
A young man, dark in complexion about 6 feet and 5 inches tall with a kind and aristocratic composure is seen sitting at the edge of a lake, he seems to be meditating as he is surrounded by a golden light which seemed to emanate from his entire body, a golden heaven-shaped mark is seen on his right upper arm, his aura was full of light and love and it seemed to draw people closer to him and that would probably explain why the young man was surrounded by beautiful women who seemed to dote on him like worker bees doted on their queen. He was pure, kind and charismatic and he was Maku, a man who knew nothing at all about his terrible past and his violent fate, right now, he was as pure as Oduduwa was when he created the earth and yes, he was an orisha.
“Maku, come home right now, your father is her to see you.” A mental voice echoed in Maku’s head as he was resting beside the lake. This was the voice of Oya, his mother. “Sorry ladies, I have been summoned, I’ll see you later.” “Aww, Maku, don’t go, we were having a lot of fun” Maku smiled, he has been pampered by these beautiful women since he was born and they have always had that look of adoration for as long as he remembered, he had to admit he did not mind being the object of admiration for these gorgeous bombshells, I mean he was still an orisha, he thrived on adoration and worship, even if they were from infatuated merwomen.
He disapparated and reappeared in the chambers of his mother’s palace and he saw a man whose countenance was as bright as his, the only difference was the dark aura that surrounded him, the lightening that always seemed to dance in his eyes and the sternness of his face, this was his father, the great Sango, a man who was as regal as they come. He smiled and his father pulled him in for a bear hug, to everybody else his father was the stern god of justice and karmic retribution but when he was with his family, he was just a father.
“Father, you left for a long time, I haven’t seen you in three years” Maku began berating his father like the spoilt child, he was. “Son, you know I have a job that is very important, keeping the karmic balance is not an easy job.” Sango obliged his son by answering him. “Well, I still don’t understand why you can’t just incinerate all the bad people with your awesome bolts of lightning, in fact, Dad, since it’s going to be my birthday soon, can I have some lightning bolts?” Maku coyly asked his father. “Yeah you can, as soon as Olodumare dethrones me and puts you in my palace of darkness and lightening, looking forward to my retirement.” “No thanks dad, I’m fine with my powers of creating things out of midair.” “Hahahaha, I guessed so.” Sango laughed. “Where is your mother” Sango asked. “She’s overseeing negotiations between the sharks and the killer whales, they have been having territory issues” Maku answered. “Haaa, I still don’t understand her job, hahahaha, but atleast the seafood delicacy I receive anytime I come here reminds me about why I love river goddesses” “Well, you should know you married three of them” Maku retorted “Hehhehehe, and you are surrounded by beautiful merwomen every day, who are you to judge me?” Sango countered “Nice comeback dad, nice comeback, in other news, let me show you the new fishes I created some weeks ago”
Maku and his father, Sango spent the whole day chatting like best friends, none of them knew that, this was probably going to be the last peaceful moment, they both were going to have in a very long time.
“You what?” Sango exclaimed “I asked Ogun to train Maku in warfare” Oya answered. They were both in their private chambers and they seemed to be arguing about something. “You had no right, he is my son!!!”Sango exclaimed “I had every right, he is my son too” Oya responded. “So you went behind my back to meet that butcher” “That butcher is the god of war and he will beat you up any time any day” Oya retorted. Sango looked sombre as he remembered his mortal life, you see, Oya was married to Ogun, a powerful warrior while he was Alaafin and Sango was smitten over her, so he took her as his wife and this caused a civil war between Sango and Ogun, it was Orunmila’s timely intervention that protected the kingdom from being destroyed, the outcome was the disgrace of Ogun which lead to him achieving divinity and becoming the god of iron and war, every hunter, blacksmith, warrior or metalworker worshipped Ogun. Even as gods, they did not have much love for each other.
“Why did you do it?” Sango asked “Because we both know what the future holds for him and he is too soft” “Hmmm” Sango nods his head in agreement. “Let me take him” Sango requests “No, you can’t, he barely agreed, if he sees you, he won’t do it.” Oya answers. “Do it!”

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