Chaos and Karma- Episode 1(Machinations)

Chaos and Karma- Episode 1(Machinations)

The Old Oyo Empire, a great empire that was created by a grandson of Oodua called Oranmiyan, Oranmiyan was a great king who went about the lands that his grandfather created. At Oodua’s request, he planted the seeds of Olodumare’s grace all across the lands created by the great mountain and towards the end of his great journey, an oracle of Ifa told him that he will reach a land where his mighty steed could not cross, this land would be the capital of the greatest kingdom the Yooba’s will ever have. He called this slippery land Oyo and became the first Alaafin. Later on, he abdicated the throne to rule Ile Ife at Oodua’s behest and left it to his son Dada Ajuwon who was then dethroned for his younger brother Sango, because of his lukewarm attitude. Sango, learning from the mistakes of his brother, ruled with an iron fist. It is said that at the peak of Sango’s rage, fire could be seen coming out of his nostrils and mouth, he was a just king who was strict when it came to seeking retribution for wronged people, because of his just heart, Olodumare, his great-grandfather’s father gave him a name and this gave him the ability to call thunder from the sky and strike down his enemies. Because of this, the Oyo Empire expanded and spread wide across the lands of the great mountain. But after years of his reign, the people had enough and forced him to abdicate. He then decided to achieve divinity and became an Orisha, he truly became the god of Thunder of the Yooba people. Centuries later, when Sango was now a legend and the empire was at its peak, the people worshipped him in festivals and invoked his name when they needed retribution or administration of justice. Sango was more than a man, he was a god.
In 1451AD, at the outskirts of the capital of the Empire, Oyo Ile, a middle aged man not more than 6 feet 2 inches tall is seen tilling the soil. His sweat covered his whole body as the sun danced brightly across the sky. He tilled the land with fervour and dedication as if it were the only thing he had in this life. His name was Olaolu and this land was truly the only thing he had in the world. His grandfather Oladipupo was an Olokun Esin for the previous Alaafin, which meant that he was wealthy, he had whatever he wanted, whatever was given to the Alaafin was also given to him and he never lacked. However, when the Alaafin died, he was buried along with the Alaafin, his son Oladeji who was raise during the height of his father’s wealth never learnt prudency. He was lavish in all his ways and by the time he died leaving his only son Olaolu alive, the only property they had left was this great expanse of land at the outskirts of Oyo Ile. The land was extremely fertile because of its long fallow in the hands of Oladeji. When Olaolu then decided to till the land, he found out that he had stepped into a goldmine of agriculture, after 20 years of tillage, the land bloomed with crops of all kinds and finally Olaolu began to get his feet back, he was awarded with a chieftaincy title by the Alaafin himself and he was known and revered across the entire Empire, his only sadness was that he had no son to pass his great wealth to, so when he got news from the oracle that his last wife was carrying a son, he was ecstatic.
Olaolu’s only enemy was Akinfenwa, when Akinfenwa and Olaolu were children, they were great friends but after his grandfather died and Olaolu’s family fell into poverty, Akinfenwa shunned him and mocked him in public several times and when Oladeji, his father died, Akinfenwa refused his help and even tried to force him to sell the land. But Olaolu vehemently refused and since that day, AKinfenwa had always been a thorn at his side. Akinfenwa was from the family of kingmakers called the Oyomesi, and when his father died, he became a member the Council of Oyomesi, his affluence was even greater than that of Olaolu because his status afforded him respect from even the Alaafin himself. However the only thing he truly coveted in his life was Olaolu’s ancestral land and unfortunately he could not snatch it because snatching the land of an Olokun Esin would afford him a strike from Sango himself. So he plotted all his life and when he was not plotting, he was sleeping, even in his dreams he plotted. One morning, he woke up with a gleam in his eye and smiled. He said to himself “Finally, the gods are going to give me what is mine.”
The next day, a sight that shocked the entire Yooba lands occurred, the sky which was bright and beautiful turned dark, as dark as obsidian. There were no rain clouds, no lightening, no sun, however black coloured rain fell from the sky, every man, woman and child ran helter-skelter and all houses were bolted from the insides. They knew that these signs herald the descent of an orisha, only Akinfenwa smiled as he stood in front of his house, waiting for something.
In the midst of the crises, a black robed man descended from the heavens and then began to walk towards the house of the man named Akinfenwa. Akinfenwa sees the man coming from afar and goes to receive him saying “Welcome, my lord.” They go inside and after four hours, the black robed man comes out of Akinfenwa’s house ,smiles at him and says “You are about to become a very powerful man, don’t mess up the plan.” Akinfenwa answers him saying “I definitely will not, my liege.” The black robed man then returns into the heavens and the black sky disappeared and turned bright again.
In a mountain afar, Orunmila walked out of his mountain and his face grim says “He is finally about to make his move.” He returns into his room and continues his meditation. Meanwhile, in the divine realm, a certain mountain is seen to be covered by hordes of lightening, only darkness covered this mountain and only thunder could be heard. This was the realm of the god of lightening, justice and karmic retribution, the realm of Sango.
The black-robed man enters this realm and immediately Sango goes to receive hrepays body as bright as the sun, his countenance as noble as any emperor ever seen on earth, he was a progeny of Olodumare himself. So even though in the divine realm, Sango was a prince, but right now Sango’s face showed no haughtiness, his face was filled with respect. As Sango approached the black-robed man and says, “Welcome my lord, come let us have some of the freshest palmwine I procured from the tree of life today.” The black-robed man waved him off and answered him saying “Sango I have not come for a cordial visit today, I have come for you to repay a favour.”
“Alright my lord, what is it you want from me” Sango said tactfully, he was already nervous, because this man’s favours were never easy to repay. He then remembered how the man helped him to defeat a difficult foe while he was human, now 500 years later, he was here to collect his debt and he knew he was not going to like his payment. “Sango, I need a bolt of thunder sent to a certain house” The black-robed man said “My Lord, anything but that” Sango answered. “Do you want Esu to come knocking at your door tomorrow?” The black-robed man retorted. Sango gritted his teeth, the last thing he needed was a visit from that trickster, and he answered “Where do you want it sent, my Lord?”
Moments later, a great bolt of lightning descended from the skies and landed on the household of Olaolu, no one could have survived. Akinfenwa seeing the descent of the lightning smiled and went back into his house.

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  1. Well done Temi! I enjoyed reading this but I feel like it should have been longer. I’m impressed.

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