Chaos and Karma – Evolution I (Episode 6)


After that day, Maku’s calm and peaceful life would forever be different, he would embrace the chaotic life of a war god and of course he would thrive at it.

In the course of the next few months, Maku trained with every blade in the great arsenal of Ogun, as he became more embellished in the art of the blade. His training started with the use of a wooden stick to cut stones of different weights. When Maku asked why he was not using a weapon, Ogun told him that every weapon master embraced the art of being one with the blade and on reaching that point, every part of his body could be used as a blade. Maku continued using sticks to break things until a day when he suddenly had a thought.  ‘A stick is formless, so it can become any blade, if I can use a stick to break steel, can’t I then use the air around my body to break through anything.’ As he thought, the air around his index fingers then began to roar violently, it then condensed as a faint shape of a sword could be seen, he swung the sword and all immediately everything around him, trees, grasses, rocks, beams were immediately reduced into dust.

Ogun was sitting in his forge, when he felt a surge in the sword force around his domain, he then proceeded and went to the place where Maku was standing and what he saw shocked him, Maku was surrounded by a two kilometre radius of dead land, the ground was bare. He smiled and said to himself, ‘This boy is monstrous, in six short months, he had become a blade master.’

“Boy, come here for a sec” Ogun beckoned to Maku. Maku shook himself out of his euphoria and went to Ogun’s side. “How does it feel to be a blade master?” Ogun asked. “I feel like the whole world is a blade, like anything can become a blade, even the air around me can be used as a blade.” Maku replied. Ogun was surprised, he had not imagined that the blade spirit can be harnessed in such a way. The blade spirit was that extensive he was flabbergasted. “Boy, spar with me” Ogun spoke suddenly, Maku was elated, finally, he could spar with someone, much less the god of war. “I’ll throw three attacks at you, if you can defend them, then you can move on to learn from the Farseer spirit” Ogun said. “Alright master, I’m ready.” A change in Maku’s aura had occurred, although his aura was not as brutal as that of his father and his master, it was still tinged with battle strength. Maku was not the young boy he was six months ago.

Ogun then started his attack, he started with the simplest attack, a hammer strike, he raised his war hammer which had a handle of 1.5 metres and a hammer head which weighed about sixty tonnes, a casual strike from his hammer on the ground would cause a fissure large enough to swallow a cavalry of at least hundred riders. This attack was done without effort but still carried the raw power that has always been associated with the Berserk Spirit. As this strike approached Maku, he lifted the sword and parried it with twice as much force as Ogun struck with, this took a while to describe but in actuality, it happened within a single breath of time. The force of the collision between their weapons was enough to form craters beneath their feet. Ogun was shocked, he thought to himself ‘This boy is so deft with his attack, although his attack contains the raw power of a Berserker, he handles his weapon like a blade master, hehehe, if I don’t take this seriously, I might lose some face.’ “Boy, you took my first attack pretty well, but things are just getting started, don’t get conceited.” Ogun shouted at Maku. Maku smiled, “Master, hit me with your best shot.” “Hahaha, you, since when did you learn to speak like a god.” Ogun answered, as he spoke he swung his hammer around his body continuously, until it formed a mini-cyclone which carried with it, a massive amount of power. Maku felt his heart clench as he saw the fifteen feet cyclone approach him with the speed of light, he gripped the stick in his hand tightly and spread his feet, to strengthen his footing, he decided to meet the cyclone head on, the cyclone was an extremely powerful force which seemed to want to devour everything within its path, however as it collided with the stick, it seemed to have been met with an immovable objects and the cyclone immediately dissipated. Maku smiled at Ogun with a smug face and said “Is that all you have got, mighty god of War.” “I’m just getting started” Ogun answered. He looked smooth on the exterior but on the inside, he was shocked with Maku’s prowess with the blade. He decided to use his most powerful nonlethal attack, although Maku’s progress was impressive, he hadn’t killed anyone before because of that. Ogun wouldn’t deign to use his killer moves, that would be a killer move. Before he could unleash his next attack though, Maku swung his stick casually, this simple seemingly harmless stroke looked slow but in actuality, it was a sonic boom which caused the space around the mighty god of war to freeze for a moment. By the time the sonic boom reached him, he was thrown back a few hundred kilometres. It was like he had been hit by a great mountain, when he finally realized what had happened, he was laying on his back, joints aching and a line of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth. Maku immediately teleported towards Ogun, with a look of concern, he asked “Are you alright?” Ogun started to laugh, “hahahahaha, you sneaky brat, you really got me, this was supposed to be a teaching session, who would have expected that I would be the one lying on the ground after our exchanges. You have made me proud, that move, remember it, perfect it, it has the potential to become a god-killer.” “Thanks a lot for your tutelage, Master” Maku thanked his master, in his mind, he decided to name the move Sonic Freezing, a quite cliché name but Maku was not exactly an adept at naming things.

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