Chaos and Karma – War Drills (Episode 5)

Chaos and Karma - War Drills (Episode 5)

Maku wakes up and finds himself sprawled on a bed inside a small cottage, he finds some water on the bedside cabinet and drinks it. He then walks out of the cottage and what he sees, just amazes him. He finds that he is in an elegant castle filled with people, on further investigation, he sees that the people are training in different war skills; swordplay, archery, spear drills, name any warfare art, it was being displayed in this fort. The organization and the smoothness of the whole place gave him a feeling of awe. He was awed at the fact that even in a hellhole like this, such a disciplined environment could be found.
He then proceeded to find Ogun, he was feeling confused, overwhelmed, scared and slightly enthusiastic, and who could blame him, a few hours ago, he was in his mother’s utopia enjoying life and living like a king, but now he was in a military camp for God knows what. He needed to get answers and the only one, he knew could give him that was Ogun.
After hours of searching the great castle, he found out two things, one, that the castle was insanely huge, he had spent hours looking around but he had yet to cover the entire place and that if Ogun did not wish to be found, no one could find him. So he returned to his cottage to wait, one way or another, Ogun was not going to avoid him forever, so he might as well wait in his room.
He waited, waited and waited and when he looked like his plan of waiting the god of war out was not going to work, he decided to go out and search again, as he stepped out, he found Ogun’s silhouette practicing the sword. He was about to shout out and alert Ogun to his presence but as he watched the movement of Ogun’s sword, he seemed to be mesmerized by the moves, it was like every move was calling him, it was something he had never experienced.
Hours later, Ogun placed down the sword and proceeded to wipe the sweat from his body, he then noticed the boy, Maku sitting down still looking towards his position, ‘Hmmm, this boy has fallen into the state of being one with the sword’ Ogun thought to himself, he looked shocked, bewildered and there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes. ‘Well, I guess I don’t have to ease him into the way of war, he has talent, I almost forgot that he was Olodumare’s chosen heir, not Sango’s son.’ Ogun seemed to realize that his vendetta against Sango had almost clouded his judgement, this boy even though he might have grown up with Sango, shared no blood with him, in fact the boy had more reason to kill the god of thunder, so why not train him to do the job for him. Ogun smiled as he realized that this boy was what you might call a serendipity.
He decided that he was not just going to teach the boy, he was going to make him his apprentice, teach him every single thing he knows and one day, the boy will kill Sango and he would be there to comfort Oya. Although this plan might seem crazy and a tad bit psychotic to the normal person, Ogun was as every bit psychotic as he sounded.
Maku was immersed in a different realm of awareness, if one could explain it, it was like the sword was teaching it how to use it. He then started to use his arms to practice the moves, he was being shown, he practised and practised the same move over and over again, in his mind, and he was just in a trance, while his body learned that single sword move.
When he finally awoke, he found himself in the same spot he was in, when he saw Ogun, except this time, Ogun was not in front of him, practicing the sword.“You are finally awake!” Ogun exclaimed. Maku was startled because one moment, he was looking at Ogun right in front of him and the next moment, he was behind him. “You’re confused, I felt that way, the day it first happened to me, I was a boy when I had my first moment of enlightment…” Ogun started to say, “What are you talking about?” Maku asked. “Hush boy, do not interrupt your teacher while he is teaching, haaa… where was I, yes, while I was human, I was with my father in the smith, learning metalwork and I was watching him forging steel with his hammer and then I had my first enlightment with a hammer, my father claimed that I was out of it for 4 months, he called the Ifa priests and they told him to rejoice as it was a gift from Olodumare himself. I didn’t understand what he meant until I had my other moments. Now you can speak.” Ogun gestured for Maku to begin asking his questions. Maku was disoriented, first his mother left him with a known psychopath, and then he revealed himself to be his teacher, now this crazy man was being nice to him all of a sudden. Really, it was too much to happen in just one day, all of a sudden, he remembered something ‘4 months’, he thought to himself. “How long was I out for?!” He asked. “Two months” Ogun said.
Orishas did not need food on a daily basis like humans, but after 2 months, they should be suffering from dehydration or low blood sugar, however he felt fine, refreshed and stronger. “I know you feel overwhelmed but in a minute, you will understand.” Ogun said, he then picked a branch, the size of a cane and gave it to Maku. He then pointed to a rock on the floor, “Break it with that stick” Ogun commanded. “You are kidding me right?” Maku retorted. “Do I look like a Joker?”
Maku looked at the stick in his hand and looked at the rock, he then shook his head and thought to himself ‘Here goes nothing.’ As he proceeded to cut the rock, the stick as if speaking to him, began to transmit to him, images of how he could break the rock, hundreds of thousands of possible rock breaking information began to enter his brain, all he had to do was pick one, he picked a move and held the stick with both hands as if he was holding a Japanese katana, held the sword above his body and brought his stick down on the rock using his shoulders as a pivot, on collision, the hard rock felt like soft pap and was cleaved into two. He was shocked but he was beginning to understand what happened.
“Good, now it’s time for your education.” Ogun said. He then led Maku into a small cottage, his living apartment. Ogun was a hunter, a blacksmith and a warrior in his old life, so he did not need an extravagant lifestyle, he just needed his weapons and his forge. “Let me tell you a story, When Olodumare created War, he divided it into three divine spirits, the blade, the berserker and the farseer. The Blade contained the essence of the sword, the sabre, the machete and every weapon that looks like a sword in existence. The blade spirit was great at close-ranged warfare, agility and swiftness and it could be calm as the sea or as wild as the storm, when needed. The Berserker contained the essence of heavy weaponry, the hammer, the mace and the axe. The berserker could kill thousands of enemies with a wing of his weapon, it was a true berserk force in every way and the Farseer contained the essence of archery, spear arts and the lance. It was the long range attacker and it was skilled in accurate and swift attacks. Farseer killed hundreds in seconds. These three spirits were Olodumare’s companions when he fought against his brother Okuku and imprisoned him, they reside in the Imperial palace with Olodumare and they oversee the process of war. Even though I am the god of war, I am merely a vassal to the spirits of war, they work through me and I work for them.” Maku was flabbergasted, he had heard numerous stories about the greatness of the Supreme One. However, this was just breath taking. “What does that have to do with me?” Maku asked “Who do you think taught you how to use a sword, boy?” Ogun answered “Are you saying?” Maku gulped finally realizing what had just happened to him “You have inherited the teachings of Blade, meaning as of this day, you are heir to the god of war.” Ogun said confidently. “As from today, you shall train day and night and polish every image that Blade has taught you, I was supposed to be your teacher but it seems, fate has brought us together, as from this day, I am your master and you are my apprentice, starting today I shall teach you everything I know about war or rather I will guide since I won’t be doing the teachings, the exalted ones will be doing that, I will just be there to make sure you don’t falter and boy, listen, I am not a nice person, I am strict and I embrace order and discipline. I will drill you into a god and make that pale gold light you have around you strong, it will be tinged with the real colour of molten gold and everywhere you go, people will cower and worship you like the god of war. If you wish to step up and become a god like your father, like your grandfather and your ancestors before you, bow down and accept me as your master.”
Maku had always heard from his mother that Ogun as a human general could make men run to their deaths without fearing a thing, just by speaking a few words, today he felt the power of Ogun’s speech, every cell in his body was pulsing, and he hurriedly bowed and shouted “Your disciple greets you, Master.”
Authors Note: Previously in the last chapters, I have always tried to blend the real Yoruba folklore and the fictional workings of mine so as to create a great experience for readers. So as from now, I’ll say this, when you are reading this series, just try to remove all preconceptions from original Yoruba folklore and go with the flow. Yes, it’s based off Yoruba stories but it’s a fantasy light novel. In short, enjoy the story and forget the fact that the characters are from an ethnic tribe.
Milos Maxta

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