My name is Jet MXX


My name is Jet MXX, I am a ghost or at least that’s what you humans would call me if I was still on earth but I do not exist in that world anymore. I am dead. When I was human, I was called Jethro, that’s all I can remember though, you see when a man dies, we leave everything, all that talk about vanity, funny how I still remember vanity, I’m not even supposed to know what the word means, but I am different. A normal ghost is supposed to leave every evidence of his earthly existence, then the soul moves through the astral planes, travels through galaxies and arrive at a universe where he is reformed into a new humanoid body, to a world, which is utopian, I mean if fighting a war against the so-called forces of darkness is utopian, then it is. But the problem in this case is I am different, I mean I don’t have memories of my time on earth but I knew there was once an earth and I know all the principles of living in it; freedom, sarcasm, pizza, Game of Thrones and all the other things. So I walk around this sham of an utopia where people are brainwashed into fighting a war they believe they were created for, they forgot about their families, their love, their emotions and are now fighting a war against darkness.

But I’m different, remember that Divergent movie, that we really didn’t get what was going on, yeah, I’m a refugee in deathland and this is not like Star Wars, Empire against Luke Skywalker, it’s funny I remember those things any way, lets continue the story, so…  I got to this world, which is called Ceiya, which in their language means Light and we all were dragged into a room where they gave us an orientation. The Ceiyan Emperor has been fighting a war against his evil twin brother, The Gjails (Darkness) Emperor and we were created to fight the war of righteousness, a few suns into my time here, we have no moons or nights here, so we only measure time with suns, there are 15 suns, which I really don’t see the difference but the handlers say that they are different but we cannot see the difference because we are not worthy or something, I didn’t really listen through the initiation, I was too busy freaking out.

So what I learnt and reorganized from orientation and my earthly knowledge is simple, we were born on earth and death is simply a transmutation to a form of Valhalla, I guess the Norsemen had an idea of what was going on. So I was this close to freaking out and demanding to be returned to my Earth when I suddenly blacked out and ended up somewhere, since I don’t even know the geography of Ceiya, I can only tell you this, It looked like a bunker, except bunkers are supposed to be sad and gloomy, however this bunker had a sense of homeliness to it, I saw a recreation of the Mona Lisa and a few other earthly attractions, even saw a mosaic of Michael Jackson, don’t know who he is though, but I can recite Billie Jean, from head to toe, see I can remember movies, songs and even legends, but I can only remember their historic achievements not who they are or who they were related to, it’s like being able to play the flute but not knowing what a flute is, very annoying.

Ok let’s get back to business, when I woke up, I was surrounded by people, who had the same look I had, the look that something has been happening from the beginning of time and we don’t freaking have a sliver of what’s going on, so all we did was sit down in silence and think. Then a group of people came in, they had this aura of ‘I know something you don’t know’ about them. They gave us a corny and Kennedy-like speech:

People of Earth, for eons we have been deceived, we have been fooled into accepting that death was a part of the normal flow of things but we are the special ones, the enlightened ones, we are the few who have discovered the truth. These Ceiyans have tapped into the creative flow and decided to turn humans into their foot soldiers by placing a phenomenal called death and using it as a medium to enslave and brain wash us into fighting a brainless war.

Hence my fellow humans, we have to take back our lives, we have to bring the creative flow back to normal and lock these vermin  away from our planet. But do not be mistaken, this is a war against billions, we are few, but the good thing is, we cannot die, we do not thirst and we are immortal, so we have no choice but to succeed or else we shall be hunted down every single one of us and we shall be tortured. You know the legends of hell, well they were talking about people like us.

So let us fight and take away our freedom, our liberty and everything human about us from these Ceiyans, we shall succeed if we do not give up. 

So that speech was suns ago and I am the last one of the Humans left after so many wars, so many of us being captured, my fellow fighters have all been captured, we never knew how to reverse the flow or how to win this war. I really don’t know why I joined this war, but I guess the hopeful human in me, just needed something to believe in.

 I found a way to hack into earth’s satellites and I am sending this message to all of you. Save Earth, we are being invaded and we don’t even know how to win this war, you can’t even see the enemies. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HELP BUT TO PASS THIS MESSAGE: SAVE YOUR SOULS.

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