Thor: Rag Nor Rock

Thor: Rag Nor Rock

Thor Ragnarok – An Awesome Tragicomic Tone to the End of All Days
When I saw a rotten tomato rating of the movie at 92%, I was impressed and I thought to myself I need to see this movie and before I did I brushed myself up on my Norse Mythology, Hela the goddess of Death locked away by Odin because he was afraid of her, Fenrir the wolf and the Midgard serpent, I am surprised because the Midgard Serpent was absent especially since its always been depicted in the Avengers animations. Well, I guess they did not want Thor dead. So I am going to be reviewing the various ways that Marvel Comics toned down the grim herald of the Asgardian Apocalypse.
Hela – In Norse Mythology, Hel is the daughter of Loki who he had after some shenanigans with a giant, hmmm, I have many questions about how that happened but my major question is simple… I get how they could not make the younger brother of the god of thunder look like a thousand year old philanderer and trickster who abandoned his daughter, hence his spawn growing up to be a goddess which hated the very existence of life and wanted Odin dead… It sounds real scary right… like they say, hell hath no fury… might I mention that the word HELL is from Hel- goddess of death and the underworld, she controls the army of the dead, so yes, Marvel downplayed her role and gave her a nicer name, so Hel is Hela now and she was a dutiful daughter who did everything Daddy wanted until he goes on to create man and become a nice Overlord and because she doesn’t agree with him, she’s locked away using the Odin’s force… wait this story sounds vaguely familiar, Abrahamic believers catch the drift… Hela is Satan in Asgardian mystery, except Dad found a way to brainwash everyone and gives himself a mighty halo. Hela is imprisoned for doing what she was born to do and now she comes back to take her throne and everyone thinks she’s a psychopath, poor Hela, I’m on your side though… Go Girl, I hope she beats that big horned guy that I’ve never heard of in the mythology.
How the hell Odin die- I get that Loki did found a way to separate the Overlord of the universe from his powers and sit the throne of Asgard. Odin is the All Father, the hooded wanderer, the one eyed raven, Mr Wednesday and all of a sudden, baba is dead… WTF Marvel, how the heck are they going to beat Thanos now, with a one eyed god of thunder that can’t even beat his big sister? Hmmm, good luck to the Avengers mehn, they just lost… wait where’s Odin’s staff, that staff should have an infinity stone or something… I think? I mean where the heck did Odin’s force go or come from… Well anyway, Odin is dead and he didn’t even get a funeral pyre so I think they’ll find a way to bring him back.
Mholnir- You freaking broke Mholnir. It’s a good thing I am not an Icelander or a Scandinavian, it’s like breaking… you know what… All I am going to say is that, you can’t break a guy’s preferred weapon for millennia, especially something he worked so hard to get back in his first movie and leave him empty handed, it ain’t cool, Marvel, it is not cool.
Eyepatch Thor, this speaks for itself, I’m digging the eyepatch, goes with the hair and the new powerup. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s irrelevant and Asgard is full of magicians, can’t they like fix his eye or something. Want to see Deadpool’s comment about the eyepatch though.
All in all, I liked the comedy and I especially loved the hot British Valkyrie, she’s breathtaking, wait turns out british accent is fake, she american. For this Marvel’s toned down apocalypse, I give 8/10… not because they screwed up decades of history for the people up North, I give it an 8 because it’s delivered in character development, plot twists, storyline and comic relief. The movie delivered us to the moment where the Infinity War begins laughing and we needed the laughter because, the Infinity Wars is not going to be funny

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