Poor Planks


Poor Planks

Planks can only be too strong,
Fit flat woods strong enough to hold up the rats on heist every night and at morn’ when they return.

Planks are strong enough to hold Tinuke and Bisi and Mariam and Umi and Chika and Nkechi as they chit-chat airing
Damp clothes on the line… Their laughter would be loud. Too loud the curiosity of the Sucked Away billows in their bowels.

“Too many waves of laughter have gone past your heads,” the Sucked Away, in a nudge of mischief, engaged the lowly Planks.
“Isn’t that what we are for? Holding up feet so that the heads’ laughter doesn’t drown,” says the Planks in defence

But sometimes, the Sucked Away can be so persuasive. Sometimes, the Planks are reminded that they should be a
part of a table upon which plates and glasses sit in a room of life and living.
Or a make-shift field for children’s bottle-top soccer. They are
Reminded that they are not lids for holes large enough to soak away girls with their head, hair and laughter. So sometimes the planks give way.
The quick dazzle of uncertainty steals precious and dear
That the Sucked Away would steal one laughter from the Planks every now and then.

But who asked the Planks to carry the burden of the Concrete in the first place?



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