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If this life is supposed to have purpose, 
and yet things are not going as supposed,
Why not die young?
I continue to wonder: if my path is continuously dark,
why not light up?
If it actually won’t cost a dime, why not find love?
I feel so incomplete, I feel no joy nor grieve,
what have I lost?
It feels like a treadmill, the earth is on a spot rotating, 
at least if I can’t rotate like the earth,
why can’t I run?
I have work, I have my life to live, have to balance work-life,
but shouldn’t life be in front, shouldn’t it be the first?
If there was an army that organizes peoples habits and events’  outfits,
why can’t I join?
If it’s not worth it all, Why not die young?

Actually, I don’t wanna die young,
I just wanna belong somewhere candid, with someone I fit,
someone like me, just facing the sea until I fall asleep.
Yes, I wanna wake up to sunlight.
I don’t wanna die young.

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