Friendly enemy

Friendly enemy

BY MissRhodline
I watch as Bukky cry sadly, I stood beside her comforting her, she just lost her father. And the irony is that my father is responsible for her father’s death, she did not know and I feel like a bad person comforting her.
” what will my mum do now? She’s a full house wife and she does not sell anything, life will really be hard for us now” Bukky lamented
‘Bukky, don’t worry, it is well, everything will fall into place soon’ I managed to say as tears also gush out from my eyes.
The bell rang for break over ‘let’s go back to class now’ I said to her
‘ no Racheal, I just want to go home now’ she said
‘Please come with me’ she added and I nod slowly.
Bukky and I have been friends since grade 1, but suddenly her father and my father started dealing with landed properties, she had no idea that chief owonikoko is my father, and I also did not know that her father is chief Saudi.
It was when my father was complaining at home to my mother about one chief Saudi threatening him, my mum who is an I.T expert did a research on chief Saudi for my dad, it was then that it was discovered that chief Saudi only child is named Bukky and she attends my school and she happens to be my best friend.
We got to her house and I was visibly shaking, I could not muster the courage to face her mother, facing Bukky and acting like an angel is one of the hardest task I have ever done, facing her broken mother will be harder,we enter the house and……..
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© missRhodline.

BY MissRhodline
Bukky’ POV(point of view)
We entered the house and mum wasn’t around, I sat on the sofa and the tears could not just gushing out from my eyes ‘Racheal, I am really sorry for inconveniening you.thank you so much for being a good friend. You can return to school now’ I said to my best Friend Racheal.
She nods, am sure she feels very bad for me because she has also been crying all through the journey to my house, such a friend like Racheal is so hard to find.’ I will call you in the evening when I get home’ she muttered as she walks slowly. Out.
Am sure mum went to court over the unfinished case that dad was fighting for before he was assassinated in his office.
My dad loves me so much due to the fact that am.the only child, he Pampers and care for me so much, I wonder how life will look like now without him. My days will be dull and boring. Mum suddenly entered dressed in black robes looking so depressed. As far as I know, mum hate black but now she’s a widow she has no option but to wear it.
My dreams to be hugged by my dad on my graduation day has been shattered.
‘ Bukky dear, don’t cry much okay, police are on this case and they will surely get the people responsible as soon as possible’ mum cried as she hug me. I stare at our family picture on the wall and my stomach ache.
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BY MissRhodline
As soon as I got home, I noticed the celebration mood, mum has cooked my father’s favorite. Hmm! Such is life, where some people are celebrating, is where some other people are mourning, ‘mum,why so much food?’ I asked as we eat dinner
‘Your dad is just so happy today because his heart desire has cone to pass, he has no obstacle on his path again” mum explained
‘ mum I don’t understand, break it down’ I persuaded
‘ shut-up and eat your food, table manners please!’ Dad shunned
‘My best friend lost her father today’ I said as if I did not hear dad. My elder brother Richard drop his spoon loudly
‘Bukky?….how?’ He asked
‘He was assassinated in his office’i informed
‘Oh what a life!’ Richard lament
‘I followed her to her house, she was so sad, I could not help but cry too. She said her mother was a full house wife and life will be hard for them henceforth’ I added
Dad now seem interested as he gently drop his spoon
‘So you were at their house?’he asked ‘yes’ I replied
Did you see her mother?’ He ask
No, she was out’ I said
I think dad and mum have hand in the death of bukky’s dad’ Richard whispered to me as we walk to the kitchens to do some cleaning
Me too. I think they are responsible’ I said.mum entered the kitchen making us terrified
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BY MissRhodline
Mum entered making us terrified ‘what are you two gossiping about?’ She questioed
Nothing mum’ Richard said but it was evidence in his eyes that he is telling lies

Mum smile ‘ well I heard it already, so no need to lie.yes Racheal, you guessed right. We are responsible for the death of chief Saudi’ mum blared
Richard and I couldn’t close our mouth looking at mum ‘if we did not do it, they would kill your dad, so the faster we do, the better. Now the land at lekki will be ours, all that is needed to be done is just for the wife of chief Saudi to sign a documents’ mum said focusing her gaze on me then she added your dad and I think you Racheal can help us give her to sign it’
‘ what!! Me? No mum, I can’t’ I objected immediately scared
‘Don’t worry, you would be fine, we will give you an injection to inject her then she will feel dizzy and will do everything you say’ m explained desperately
‘But…how will I get to be with her alone?’ I asked
‘Go to their house with the excuse to greet Bukky their daughter’
Mum I can’t do this’ I cried running to my room.
Mum and dad cajoled me and I had no option than to obliged. I went to Bukky house and fortunately for me, I met only bukky’s mother.
‘Good afternoon ma’ I greeted
Afternoon, how can I help you’ she question. She looks so tattered and unkept am sure she hasn’t taken her bath since the incident happened because she smells so bad, and she’s dressed in black robes.
‘Am here to see Bukky, am her friend from school’ I said
‘ she’s not in, she’s at my sisters house, check back in the evening “she said
Okay ma’. I said and I was transfixed, I did not move
‘Did you need any other thing?’ She ask when she noticed that I did not move.
‘Ma, let me help you remove the dirt on your hair’ I said visibly shaking, I move closer to her and……….
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By MissRhodline
Bukky’s POV

‘Racheal, something bad just happen now’ I cried over the phone
‘What is it?’ Racheal asked
‘My mum is in has been rushed to the hospital and my dad’s land at lekki has been taken by a just so tired of life!’ I said
‘Oh….baby, I understand, just come to my house and cool down ehn’ she offered
‘OK’ I replied as I hung up, I am just like a living dead, I text Rachel back to ask for her address and she sent it.
(In Rachel’s house)
As I entered the large parlour everything look expensive, her family embraced me and feed me like one of them. I felt loved again, making me remember when my family was also complete, and Richard Rachel’s elder Brother was just staring at me with a worried look. I like him, he looks cute….oh! Stupid girl, so I can still be thinking of a boy in this situation. I did not know when 3days pass by and am still with Racheal and her family. My phone beep and I check the caller to see that it was my mum.
Oh I almost forgot about my problems about my poor mother in the hospital, I went to the hospital to meet her just for me to see policemen in her ward. She looks much better.
Where have you been?’ She ask
‘At my friend’s house’ I replied
‘The police has discover the mastermind behind the murder of your dad’ she said
My heart leaped ‘Really?’
‘Yes, they are going to arrest him now, will you like to go with them?’ Mum asked
‘ no mum, I will stay Herr with you then we can go to the station later together’ I replied
Okay’ mum said as she told the police to go ahead and arrest the culprits.
It was so surprising when we got to the station and I discover that it was my best friend father that killed my dad, hmmm lions in sheep clothing.
I scream and cried unbelievably. Her mother, brother and her devil self were begging my mother
‘Please my daughter, plead with your mother on our behalf please’ Rachel’s mother cried
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FRIENDLY ENEMY (final episode)
By MissRhodline
Please my daughter, plead with your mother on my behalf’ Racheal mother cried
‘Oh….I get it now Bukky, do you know this little devil?’ My mum asked pointing to Racheal
‘Yes mum, she was my best friend’ I replied amidst tears
‘She came the other day asking of you and I told her that you were not around, just. For her to move closer to me and I did not know what happened next but I remember signing a document which was how they were able to collect your dads land at lekki’ mum explained.
It was as if a sharp knife was shook into my stomach, I fire a stern look at Racheal
‘So you could do this to me? I took you as my friend not knowing you are my number one enemy’
‘ Am so sorry Bukky, I did not mean to hurt you but my parent forced me’ Racheal cried trying to move closer to me but my mum pushed her away ‘get back little witch’ she glowed
Rachel’s dad(chief owonikoko) was sentenced to life imprisonment while Racheal being an accomplice was sentence to 3years imprisonment at the juvenile prison because she is not up to 18 years old. Even her evil mother was not left out she was sentenced to 5years imprisonment. Leaving only Richard a free Person, I stare at him pitifully but am sure even if I want to help him mum won’t allow. He surely has no where to go. I had to stole some money I saw from my dad wardrobe and give it to him secretly to use it maintain himself.
My dad’s land at lekki was given back to my mum and after all the court proceeds me and mum travelled out of the country.
Hmmm friendly enemy, my enemy that acts as a friend may God Almighty deliver us from such people…… The End…….

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