In love with a gay

In love with a gay

Missrhodline series
‘I love you Zach, I love you!’ Maria said amidst tears, she had never thought a day like this will come when she will openly confess love to a guy, she had never been in love, as a matter of fact she mock her sisters who get in love and got heartbroken in the end.
“Maria, I dnt love you, pls get out of my way!’ Zach said pushing her out of the way as he open the door and went to the hall where the party was taking place. Maria couldn’t breathe well, it was as if she is having an asthma attack, she was in pains………then she slope on the floor and fainted!
” maria, maria,maria!!’ Bella and Kate called, maria opened her eyes and sees them, she tries to familiarise herself with the environment and she discover she is on her bed at home
‘Can you hear me? Maria! ” Bella continued
Maria jerk her hands angrily as she remember what happened ‘let me be Bella, level me alone, I just wanna be alone’ she said amidst tears
‘Maria, can you tell us what the heck is going on, for goodness sake you almost got us implicated, when I saw Zach left the washroom and I ask if he saw you, he just pointed towards the Gents, just for me to see you unconscious on the floor, what did he do to you?’Kate asked
‘Katty, Bella, I told him of my feelings and he just walked out on me, he’s so mean, he is not humane, why won’t he even at least give me a chance to prove my love to him? I just hate him….but I still love him!’ Maria blabbed as both Kate and Bella started laughing
And what i s so funny?’ Maria asked pissed off
‘Lover girl, see who is in love oo, I thought you said love is wasting of time ehn?’ Kate asked
‘And she told me that I am strong on my own, I should not go and beg Alex my love, so you can also be a victim of love…..’ Bella mocked
‘Girls, please stop it! Its not funny,okay, I didn’t understand before but I know now, I need your help, how do I go about it?’ Maria asked
Bella walks with pride to and fro ‘well, you would sign as an apprentice if you want me to me to teach you’ she said sarcastically
‘Stop it Bella! Am going nuts for this guy, I dnt have time for your pranks just teach me how I can get him to love me as well’maria said
‘Well, the surprising question to me is that, its been a while you have known this guy, why do you suddenly develop feeling for him out of the blues……..I mean how come you are so madly in love that gave the boldness to tell him to his face’ Kate asked
‘I dnt know the answer to that questions Kate, I dnt just know’ maria replied slowly
‘Okay, little sis, we will help you, am finally you learn what love is, you are now a real woman’ Bella joked and Maria smirked
Matthew their only brother enters the room
Hi, so how is she now?’ He ask then he see she fine already then he peck her on her forehead
‘So what happened to you maria?’ Matthew asked
‘ well, she was…..’
Its nothing!’ Maria cut in shunning Bella who was about to spill out all the information to Matthew
He smiles at them and realise they were trying to hide something, he just stands and nod at them
‘Well, being the only guy in midst of 3 ladies isn’t too cool huh, I better get going to meet my friends now’ he joked
Whose house?’ Kate asked
Zach house’he replied
Zach house ???’ Maria asked jumping out of the bed
Yes, why?
Can I come with you?’ She ask
‘No, its a guys hang out, stay here and chit chat huh’ Matthew said ad he goes out.
‘Hmmmm, Kate this feeling is not a joke oo, so how do we help this lover girl’ Bella said
‘Well, let’s go and meet the guys at Zach house and have the hang out together!’Kate suggested as maria hug her happily.
‘I never know you are so wise’ maria said sacarstically
‘Oh so you ve always thought am foolish?’ Kate ask feigning annoyance
‘I dnt mean it that way…..
Hey its okay! Just shush it’ Kate shun playfully.
At Zach’s house
‘Where are the others Zach? Why aren’t they here yet?’ Matthew ask Zach who was seated in the living room sipping wine from a glass
As he sees Matthew, he drops the glass in his hand, and sits up ‘hi man!’ He greeted
‘Where are the others?’ Matt asked not answering the greeting
‘Well, none of them is coming cos I didn’t invited them but you’ Zach said almost murmuring as he stare at his feet
‘What so you just intentionally deceived me, you gotta be kidding man cause I will so punch your ass!’ Matt joked as he moves closer to Zach
Zach stands ‘matt….matt…wait’
What,you look so serious. I hope all is well, I have never seen you like this, or did your girlfriend break up with you? I have 3 sisters, I can hook you up with one of them, you would definitely love maria, she’s ….’
Pls matt, stop!’ He yelled
Matt was taken aback ‘what is wrong?’ He asked
Zach close his eyes for somes seconds and opens it back ‘matt, I want you!’
You want me to do what?’ Matt asked confused
Zach moves closer to touch matt’s face ‘ I mean I want you and I together, my heart pants for you, I can’t keep it anymore!’
Matt was so dumbfounded as he pushes Zach away ‘ what do you mean Zach! You are a gay??’
‘Yes I am. And I want you!’ Zach said authoritatively and wants to grab matt by the waist when the door opened and Kate, maria and Bella entered surprised at the scene
‘What is going on here?’ Bella asked looking from matt to Zach
‘Er….m…mmmm…nothing……. He is a gay!!!!’ Matt screams as he runs out, the 3 girls stare at Zach unbelievably ‘Zach is that true?’maria asked heartbroken
Yes it is, that was why you disgust mee when you were telling me those rubbish the other day, I can’t love you, I need someone like me to love and be loved. Help me talk with matt pls’ he said
Maria runs out sadly.
‘You must have gone nuts Zach big time, so its matt you want? As if you don’t know his girlfriend. You are not a human being but an animal!’ Bella abused as she drag Kate along with her out

In Maria’s house
Can you just imagine what just happened? Zach is a gay!!!! And maria who hardly falls for any guy is love with him’ Bella blared
‘Really? Maria likes him???’ Matthew asked
Bella holds her lips as she realise that she had just spill Maria’s little secret, maria and Kate look at her disdainfully.
‘Bella your mouth is never closed!’ Kate mocked
‘Am sorry it wasn’t intentional’ Bella pleaded
‘Its fine! So matt know already, what do you think we can do about it matt?’ Maria asked
‘Do about what, we just need to stay away from him, I can’t imagine me and him in a romantic relationship, I mean its so crazy!’ Matt exclaimed
“Wait maria, don’t tell me you still like him, knowing he is a gay?’ Kate asked as they all stare at maria, as she nods in affirmative.
‘Oh no!’ Bella sighs.
‘Matt, its your help I need at this point’ maria said looking at him in a very tender way
‘What! Don’t look at me like that! How do I help you?’ Matt asked impatiently
‘Well…….you would make it appear as if you agree to his proposal then…….’
‘ no no don’t even there… cannot happen!’ Matt interrupted maria
‘Hold on matt, let’s hear out her plan’ Kate said
” I won’t risk my relationship with Angelina just to get you that devilish Zach’ matt retourt
‘Stop calling him devilish, he is my man to be!’Maria cried
‘See maria, it cannot work this guy is a gay!!! You know what? I give up!’ Matt said as he walks to his room
‘Seriously maria, I dnt think this will work out as well, just look for someone else and be happy, this is who ZAch is, accept him for who he is and let him be!’ Bella added as she also left.
Maria Stare at Kate expecting her to leave as well but she did not leave, she just smile
‘I believe in you Maria, if you really want him then go for him!’ She encouraged as maria hugged her passionately ‘you are the best Kate, and I love you!’
‘Now you are sounding like a lesbian’ Kate joked as they hug each other happily

In Zach house
Maria walks in ‘anybody in????’ She shouted as she sees no one in the living room, she proceed to the bedroom and see Zach making out with Jeremiah, one of their clique.
‘Oh my!!!’ She exclaimed
Jeremiah sees her and shyly stop and covers himself with blanket trying to hide his face as well.
‘ hey what do you want here??’ Zach asked angrily
Maria quickly recover from the shock ‘I just came to say hi’ she said trembling
‘Hi for what? We were never friends, if you would excuse us please’ Zach said as he points towards the door signalling her to leave. She walks to the door and slams the door.
‘Kate, am not interested in him anymore’ maria said as she sits on Kate’s bed
‘You are giving up so soon? Why?’ Kate ask
‘Well, I caught him today making out with Jeremiah, can you imagine? He wasn’t even shy a bit, he sent me out of the room like a dog that I was disturbing’ she retort sobbing
‘Hmmmm, maria, don’t give up so soon, try again…you can do it’ Kate said trying to encourage
‘I seems like an uphill task Kate’
‘OK Maria, how about you change your approach’
What do you mean?’
How about you approach him as a friend and not as one that seeks a relationship, like get close to him and make him trust you, then shoot your shot!’ Kate suggested
Maria was quiet for some minutes thinking about the idea and finally smiled happily at Kate ‘you are right I will approach him like a friend and make him trust me, and if it doesn’t work out, I promise to back out and look for someone else’ maria said
Are you sure you can really do that?’ Kate asked
‘Well….if our plan doesn’t work out, then I will be left with no other option…. Just remind me when the time comes huh’ maria said as she smiles happily and cleans the drops of water on her face.
The door opened wide as Bella jumps in happily ‘hi girls’ she greeted
Hi’ Kate answered her
‘Oh there you are lover girl, see one of matt friend is interested in you’ Bella said as she sits beside maria on the bed
‘Who is it’ Kate asked
‘Hmmmm why are you doing the questioning on her behalf, let her talk for herself or are you also in search?’ Bella said jokingly but Kate was offended as she angrily throw a pillow at her
‘Your mouth is just so wide, silly thing!’ Kate insulted. As Bella got up and try to throw the pillow back playfully to Kate who was already angry, maria collected the pillow from her
‘Stop it Bella, you have the habit of behaving so immature!’ Maria blared
Bella looks at her in amazement ‘ wait, were you both planning on how to insult me before I came in?’ She asked
None of them answered as Kate hissed.
Okay oooo, I will not get mad at you both because we are one family, if not, I know what I would have done’ Bella joked and smile
‘Just continue saying what you were saying before and stop blabbing!’ Kate said
Bella just hiss ‘ well my dear. Maria, the person who is interested in you is no one else but Jeremiah!!!!’
‘Jeremiah!!!!!! “Maria and Kate called at the same time

Mission show Jeremiah pepper
Girls are we ready, everyone is at the party already, its going to be so fun all night’ matt screamed as he drove off
‘Don’t forget the plan maria, show the son of a bicth pepper huh!’ Bella yelled
‘What plan?’ Matt asked
‘Nothing…. Its nothing!’ Kate and maria said as they frown at bella
As they got to the party, everyone hook up with their partners as maria was left alone with Jeremiah and she couldn’t help but stare at him disgustingly.
‘Can we go to somewhere more quiet?’ He shouted for her to hear and she nods and followed him outside the club to the parking lot that wasn’t totally silent but more better than inside the party.
‘Huh….maria I know you have been seeing me as a bad person since when you seen me and Zach together… I…’
‘No Jeremiah its fine, I am not judgemental, I understand individual differences and I accept you for who you are, its fine. We can be friends’ maria interrupted smiling trying to go along with the plan
‘No maria, hear me out, I have always liked you..’ Jeremiah said shyly looking away
What!’ Maria ask ‘you are bisexual? Oh my God!!!’ She exclaimed
‘No, its not like that, its you I have always like, but I haven’t got the courage to walk up to you and tell you’ Jeremiah confessed now looking straight into Maria’s eyes
‘Really? So what were you doing on Zach bed naked” Maria asked
‘Well……I was so annoyed, I got so annoyed when your brother Matthew called me and told of how Zach almost assault him sexually and he also told me that you are so in love with this Gay Zach, so I taught you like guys that are gay so I decide to accept Zach invitation who has also been disturbing me for a while now but….when I got to his house and we kind of started, it was so disgusting, if you had waited a minute more you would have seen that I left and no penetration happened between us’ Jeremiah explained, Maria gulp as she was stuck for words.
‘Hmmm Jeremiah, I wasn’t expecting this,….I don’t know what to say!’ Maria answered confused
‘Just accept my proposal to be mine and only mine’
But…I love Zach’ maria said
“If you know what I’d better for you, just accept his proposal because if I see you near me, I could kill you’ a voice said from the dark, as both Jeremiah and maria turn to see who it was and was shocked to see Zach.
‘What are you doing here?’ Jeremiah asked angrily
‘Well lover boy, just to tell you that am relocating, to another state, to start afresh, where I can live my life the way I want it without being criticized, this is what I want to be, this is who I am, A Gay!’ Zach said and leaves
‘Bye Zach, I….love you!’ Maria screamed sobbing
‘I never and will never have an iota of feelings for you bitch’ Zach replied
Now maria was crying like a toddler leaving Jeremiah confused
‘Am sorry maria’ Jeremiah said
Maria stare at him and hug him ‘ well, Jeremiah, yes yes yes and yes that is my answer to your proposal!!!’
Jeremiah couldn’t hold his joy as he carried her and peck Herr ‘she said yes……’ He screamed happily
The end………..
(N.B: this work is just a fiction, any resemblance to anyone living vor dead is totally coincidental…)
All rights reserved

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