Be yourself Part 1
You are busy copying others and as well living a photocopied life. But have you ever asked yourself who copies you? of course you won’t ask, for who is that foolish to photocopy from a photocopied Personality? Mind you, even if there is then who doesn’t want to have a clear version? So My Dear, wise up for you are an original and unique copy of yourself, a being with a distinctive version of Excellence having no duplicate of you on Earth possessing that gorgeous and wonderful colorfulness liken to that of the rainbow that shows up when the sky is fully pregnant with a deep dark cloud. Then why trying so hard now and then to destroy your colorfulness as just to become a photocopy “Black and white”. Please be yourself, so as to be a Role model tomorrow. Learn new characters and apply them rightfully as “today’s Mentees” are termed “Tomorrow Mentors”.
Be yourself Part 2
Oftentimes, we do look down on what we have as worthless Possessions and go out trying to find what we think People or the Personalities we love will count worthy, only to find out at the end that what we regarded as worthless is that which was mend to draw and keep the People around our domain. So please i urge you reader, never look down on your possessions, merits, talents, abilities, Beauty, Handsomeness and most importantly never you look down on yourself.
Be yourself Part 3
Oftentimes, we tend to have this timid mindset rule over our lives “that we are incapable and worthless in the sight of the society” simply because our mates/society members have attain or made it to certain higher points in life. Mind you even if they made it, you know nothing about how they did make it work. And even if you do, forget not that every individual is different, possessing a unique distinction. For every being’s life here on earth was designed in such a way that he or she fits in perfectly into his/her own time zone.
Thus, remember, Self-Comparism is a destructive Killer that kills with no mercy, slay with no friction, liability and buries with no second thought of turning back. Hence, every time zone was designed to operate perfectly following some certain Kingdom Principles. So instead of comparing and competing, why not comfort and commend? Instead of enticing jealousy, why not encourage the weak ones? Mind you, contributing to build someone’s destiny today lays the foundation of a successful building of yours tomorrow. So Please, stop and avoid comparing and start commending others success and most of all being yourself. Wait for your time, though it tarry it will surely come, for the vision is for an appointed time.
Be yourself 4
Every individual has a calling of specification in his or her life. Just because others did it in that manner and succeeded, doesn’t mean you doing it in the same manner will make you succeed, there are many dimensions to Success. Seek to know your path of destiny. For just because they did it and it is right, doesn’t mean you doing it is going to produce the right outcome. Hence, seek passionately for your Purpose in the Kingdom, work in the Light of it thereof and you surely shall succeed.
Be yourself 5
Success is not what you pursue but your pursuit. In other words, it is not what you go after but what you do and become by virtue is termed success. Hence, Success is a series of processes and the product produced by one’s sacrifice to higher Authority leading to you finding and coming to the knowledge of your true self.




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