Please never you copy someone’s nuggets, Articles Poems or any form of Writeup with out you acknowledging and giving fully accreditation to the Author, Poet or Writer. As well never you dishonor any grace whether you understand its precepts or not. Rather, seek discernment instead of dishonoring.
“For Indisputably, the Lesser shall be bless of the greater” HEBREW 7:7. Thus, have you ever asked yourself the channel through which the blessings shall flow from the top(Greater realm) to the bottom (Lesser Realm)? If yes/no. Hear this! the channel is called “HONOR” Thus, the grace you acknowledge not, honor not and celebrate not, can never get to bless your life.
Hence, if you are full of dishonor and criticizing attitude, trust me when i tell you honor and favor are already far from you…For show me a man that is humble and yield himself to honor God and men and i tell you, that such a man is already great and greater glory awaits him…
Thus, learn to acknowledge, celebrate, honor and give credit to whom is due…
E get why!

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