As you are busy just pursuing after physical Beauty with such indescribable passion, remember that “Junior or Princess” (first child) shall show up soon and will request for assistance with his/her Mathematics Assignment and beyond. Ask yourself is “She” capable of handling that and beyond? Or is she just made of an adorable physique? In search of that “Wife of your youth” please do not be consumed with selfishness but selflessness. For yes Physical attraction is very important but remember “Till death do us part” is to precious to be staked on the altar of perishable attributes. For if Physique is all that she has to offer (physical attraction), then trust me when i say, Brother she is not yet ready/fit to occupy that place of becoming your help-meet. Always remember, you need a wife not a just a Babe, a Mother not just a woman and an Incubator not just a Food consumer. For every woman is meant to be an Altar… Ask yourself, is she that Altar you need to lay your sacrifice (Vision) on? Is there a Divine fire blazing on that Altar that can burn and as well fuel your Vision to come into manifestation/light of men?
If yes, then settle for her… And if No, know this…. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 WATCH OUT FOR IT in PART 2
We won’t stop, until we are many…
Our generation must portray Divinity in Totality…
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