I always get drown in the Flood thoughts of her Amusement. As i can’t help it but to be desiring to behold more of her presence, gathering the drizzle of her smile has become my Hubby and now i do flow in the Pool of it happily like a Golden Fish. I percieve that consuming the attraction charms as breakfast is her daily routine, if not so, how would i have been under the waters and still be thinking of building my world therein ? Oh how much i am drown…
Her smile within my sphere is liken to the neccessity needed to blossom the flowers in the garden field. Even though its not in the nature of the Sun, but it sets the glorious radiation needed for the sysnthesis of geniune affection for reciprocation ablaze in my inner domain.
She is not a Flame of fire, but she do set my innermost chamber ablaze. As the notion of her true love burns away my infirmities,Thus, setting my heart in Lovable motion not just emotionally but in multifaceted dimensions of lovable reality.

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