I was created by the Word,
Made of the Word,
And living for the Word,
When the Enemy of the Word came and stole the treasure of the word from me,
And I lost my Being to the World due to my disobedience to the Word.
Nevertheless, the Word searched for my being out of Loving Kindness,
For the Word is Love,
And Love is the Word
Thus, I was in Disobedience Exile,
When the Missile of the Word came for me,
Booms up the Captivity of Hell
And made me a Product of Divinity,
Thereby yielding efficiency sufficient in my deficiency.
Oh how great is the Faithfulness of the Word who reigns forever and ever.
As I behold his glory, I shine bright
And as I stare at his face I become a Light.
For I am now made of light and living as a Light.
Thus, I am Light.
Are you living still in Disobedience exile?
Having no iota of Hope and way of being saved.
Let me once more introduce you to you to the Word.
He is a Personality and not a written script,
The way, the Truth and the Life is his Identity
Maker of men and a Giver of Destiny.
This Word is Jesus
Accept him and have life, Resist him and perish.
The Word still saves as the rhythm of amazing grace keeps sounding.

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