Be a value adding Personality and not a Diminishing woman that reduces the value of any man that gets attached to her. No man shall settle for any woman that can only diminish his wealth and Personality in totality. But every man shall do and give his best in totality to any value adding woman that can preserve his wealth, increase his wealth( for just preserving alone is not enough, there should be room for a  tangible increase).
Hear this, your physical beauty (Physique) can attract a man to you or rather make a man admire you, but trust me when i tell you that, that beauty of yours alone can not make any Visionary endowed man settle for you… Add Value
For Iron sharpens Iron. Thus, a Visionary Man searches for an additional Incubator that can aid him bring that Vision of his to  light (Sight of Men for God’s Glory). For by anointing, charisma, fame and beauty you can rise and probably get married. But how long you shall stay on top and in the marriage has everything to do with CHARACTER.
The Question now is, Are you a Valuable Incubator? Are you in the right Visibility and Accessibility?

To be Continued…

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