Yes Women are weaker vessels. But the word WEAKNESS in the context is not in anyway referring to Women having limitations to achieve greatness or been full of infirmities that the must need the support of a man to rise. Rather the word WEAKNESS attached to women is simply referring to the facts that they are :
1. Vulnerable towards genuine affection and care; Women are so much emotional and easily take things to heart when they sense the presence of genuine affection and care coming feom the opposite sex the really love.
2. Submissive in totality to what they love regardless of other peoples point of view
Thats is why you will find a lady that loves a man and even though everyone around her doesn’t love that personality, but she will still not be moved an inche in respects to that. Its Brilliant!!! But just make sure that man really deserves and values you/your sacrifices as a woman before becoming that vulnerable. In otherwords, DISCERN WELLA!!! Discern well before employing full time commitment. It get why!!!
4. Selflessness : Women are literally the most selfless beings created by God. For they were/are created as HELPMEET. And thus, you cannot be a perfect helpmeet or rather be a woman of virtue if you are not selfless. Remember the Holy Ghost is our Helper and God still call a Woman, a Helper.
Thus, the statement “WOMEN ARE WEAKER VESSELS is not a sign of been incapable or full of inability, but it is a statement that expresses the rate of Vulnerabilityof Women towards genuine affection, love, care, kindness, gentleness,longsuffering e.t.c. This is a Strength in disguise. Thus, Cherish your women oh Men SHALOM!!!
Finally never allow yourself as a woman to belittle by any man or by your low self-esteem. And as well dissociate from the mentality that WEAKNESS as regards to a Woman is
1. Infirmies
2. Slothfulness
3. Running away from Responsibility
4. Total dependency on your man ( NB: Submission and dependency has only a slight thin line that boarders them)
#M.R.FACI #Godishelpingus

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