As children, most, if not all of us, hated being rebuked even though it was for our oun good. Truth be told, looking back at such situations now in my minds eye, some manners of rebuke were too harsh but they were needful to make us the refined, well behaved and respected youth and adult of today.
We are all products of a lot of pruning and rebukes but the level of reasoning, endurance of each person and manner of rebuke differed from one to the other. Some received it as a form of correction to living a more productive life while others felt they could not bear it and opted for other options.
Other options such as running away from home or committing suicide. The first option is what birth many of the hooligans, touts who we know as area boys today. Many of them I think might have been a product of ‘too harsh’ a rebuke which made them runaway from home. They opted for facing the hard life on their own, fending for themselves and others like themselves, building a fortress and forcefield around themselves and those they care about rather than face the harsh rebukes.
The second option should not even be thought of at all because there’s no redemption for the dead but only for the living. Every chastising should be beared in good faith. Please do not kill yourself, it is not worth it. Even God Almighty is not happy, when one of his precious creations take their own lives.
Know this that every chaistemement is for a time to make one better and let no negative thought rule your mind so that you will have a pure soul and it will reflect on your body.
I conclude on this note that love should be the bane of every chaistemement and it should be done moderately even our heavenly father chaistses in love. #Hebrews12:5-11
#Thinkgoodthoughts #Loveall
By Beautiful Maiden

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