Poetic introduction


Not that you would care but Hello my name is Mikson

I’m like you 

A human with a brain trying to be better than the other humans around.


I’m a normal man in a world where everyone else thinks that they’re special 

But I don’t

And i guess in a way that sort of makes me one though

I’m I will tell it like it is guy

As long as you bring a pen and a paper into the conversation

I hate confrontations 

Most see it as a sign of weakness but meh i know who i am…i think i do…or so i tell myself.


I started writing to impress a girl

I wanted to befriend the person which i thought was wise and enigmatic…it all started to start a simple conversation…”hello i write too…”

Little did i know that she was the magnetic force pulling me to my calling…or is this really my calling I’m still figuring it out I’m utterly perplexed… Nonetheless i want to thank her for this

 If i ever enunciate this words on a stage somewhere she’ll probably be in the crowd so i don’t want to exaggerate my praise and inflate her ego.

        *I’m just playing*


I’m that guy that loathes education but chases knowledge 

I’m the guy in a class writing in the backseat or mumbling throughout the whole process torturing himself to find rhymes 

I won’t lie it’s exhaustive…

I’m not foreign and out of place but still sometimes I’m in my own world or my mind i still can’t tell the difference


I love the poems that other people dislike

I love the crooked writings with all the wrong words 

Cause recently life wore a gown and knocked on my door to teach me a lesson 

Life thought me that the things that start crooked are the things that have a better chance of fixation 

I love introducing myself with a pen name and a wack poem 

I like the low 

Cause when you’re on the top of the world the only way to go is down

So I’ll take my time and I’ll slowly ascend to my own great expectations 

Or descend to yours


I met poetry a while ago 

I drew pain from the people around me to draw the pictures in y’all minds with my words 

Most of the times i lie 

But who cares about lies as long as it’s the nicest thing to hear

Who cares about deceit as long as it’s shrouded with fancy words and poetic phrases 

It’s not a sin is it


I am flawed in many ways 

But not flawed like the poems i pen

I’m not the person in my poems 

I am me 

Well I try to be me 

But i don’t know which version that i should be 

I could be disputed for having many faces but who gives a damn when I’m my own muse…


I write about life but i barely started living 

I write about love but i have no idea what it actually is 

But hurray for me cause i qualify for a poet 

A poet is a person that struggles to live up to his own fake written experiences

A poet is a wannabe who hides behind his cute quotes

    *No offence fellow poets😳*


I don’t know much 

But i know that I don’t know 

And that I can’t have all the answers for my infinite questions

And i know that is the wisest a person can get

I know that religon is not an institution rather a connection with the deity

And that we humans created the institutions to feel like we contributed something to our own salvation 


I believe in believing

I believe that time is a friend rather than the foe 

I have never been in a relationship but if i were my dates would’ve been filled with dinners on candlelit balconies and eating mangoes on a sidewalk bench

 *lots of mangoes* 

I love my friends and fried chicken 

I write. 


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