“Sister, you have not changed at all, I had expected to see some changes since you’re now in school, “there is no need for new changes because I was changed already before entering school, rather am there to change others I replied”.

That was the conversation between I and my younger brother when I came back for holiday as of my 2nd year and he repeated the same statement during my 4th year and we just laughed over it.

Integrity is keeping to moral ethics and standards. It is knowing the right thing and doing it. It means to be sincere, honest and trustworthy. The Bible said in Matt: 5 vs. 37 “but let your communication be yes yes, Nay nay, for whatsoever is more than these comes evil”. As sisters with a driven Purpose if we want to achieve great success in life you must have the virtue of integrity. You must uphold your morals and values if you are purpose Driven. For the fact you entered school, changed location, or acquired a huge asset should not make you lose focus and pour away all the principles you have learnt in life.

God started working on me before I entered school, I entered school with the mindset that nothing will make me compromise and because I had a purpose of winning souls for the Lord both in words and attitudes it influenced my way of life and the way I relate with people. I made up my mind that any environment I entered I will influence change for good and if am to change is for good and not for bad. Is not easy to uphold one’s integrity but as a sister that is purposeful and believes people can change there view about you through your works and with God by my side I was able to full fill it. To the extent that both my coursemate, lecturers in the department they knew me and knew what I stood for, I was that determined to stand for the right thing no matter the cost and God honoured His words in my life.
Am one person that believes that if God has placed me in a particular environment there is an impact I have to make, there is a purpose I have to full fill and what is that? To live a life worthy of emulation, to win souls for Christ, to express God’s love to those around me. And with that purpose in mind it infulenced my actions. It drew me closer to God and discovered more about myself.

INTEGRITY is the seed of achievement, it is the principle that never fail, people believe in you because of how sincere and honest you are. As young ones we should not be so quick to change our God given attributes just because you changed your environment. You allow people to influence your decisions, you allow your environment and friends to influence your believe. You changed from what you are known to another thing. It doesn’t make sense. Some one that is driven does not scummb to things that will kill his or her vision.
Aristotle said “Man know thyself” Know what you believe and stick to it. We are all working towards perfection, at first when I dedicated my life to Christ it was not easy to maintain integrity, I see myself falter at times, compromise in front of challenges and I kept asking God to help me and he did help and is still helping. The more I drew closer to God the more I kept discovering what he wants from me and the sole decision to achieve his purpose for me in life changed all that, this made me become more serious and yielded to God and that has really helped me to maintain that virtue in any environment I found myself.

As purposeful souls, you will be pushed beyond limit,
*Situations will come when you find yourself in a foreign environment, will you uphold your integrity like Daniel?
*Challenges will arise like that of Job will your integrity despair?
*Crossroads will come like that of Ruth will your decision stand?
*When you find yourself in the same position as Joseph was with Porthipher’s wife, can God trust you to say No and flee?
*Betrayal, neglect, trials will arise as that of our Christ and Apostle Paul, will your anchor still hold on to God?
*God is counting on your integrity to impact positively in the life’s of those around you (PS: 78 vs 32) Be a purpose driven soul, live a life of integrity. Remain blessed.

MORAL NOTE: With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.

PRAYER POINT: Lord help me to uphold the trust you have in me at all times. Help me maintain a life of integrity and affect my environment positively.

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