We are living in a world made not by human hands. It is a world which came into being just by the words of its master (God) and man came into existence just by the breath of His mouth.

Having known that we are made, why do you struggle with your creator? Why is it that we are attimes puffed up or arrogant? been ignorant that we are just living by the breath of Jehovah.
Job said naked I came into his world and in nakedness I will go back. Even though we were made by the same God equally, many have surpassed others, many have built or worked on themself not to return back to their Creator empty, are you one of them? Whereas others are still finding their place in life, looking unto others for their source.

The truth is that the earlier you run back to your creator the better for you to know your source of existing and do that which is pleasing to him. He created you for His own pleasure.( Revelation: 4 vs. 11) How dedicated are you in giving him pleasure? He made you, what resources, value, impacts have you made with the skills, gifts and talents He gave you? Don’t join the bagom of laziness and claim you have no talent. You have what to offer, is just that you don’t want to dedicate your time and grow it.

God loves us so much as our Creator and has given us the green file to come unto Him ye that lack wisdom and He shall give you (James: 1 vs. 5). The manual to make things or be creative just like your creator is to get to know Him, spend time with him and learn at His feet.(John: 15 vs. 4-5) You can’t make any headway on your own, ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, dedicate your time into learning and doing things that please Him then watch yourself making something out of nothing.

ACTIVITY: What can you make?

PRAYER POINTS: “Lord am not empty, I believe you deposited a lot in me to impact my world, help me to discover the real me as I draw close to you daily, I reject every obstruction and match forward to being creative in Jesus name”.

MORAL NOTE: “You were made to make others, don’t miss out”.

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