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For us to shine as light and counted as the wise Christains in our community, we have to turn many to righteousness by winning souls. When we preach Christ (word) to others we are giving the light to them and as many that receives Christ is saved.

Ways we can shine as light and win souls:

1. Through our Character: our behaviour can draw souls to God or make them to be far from God. Heb: 12 vs 14 said we should follow peace with all men…. If you have the gifts of the holy spirit and yet you manifest awful characters like disrespect, insults, bitterness, pride, unforgiveness, rudeness,etc. You can’t be wise and you won’t be able to win souls. Try to imbibe the fruits of the spirit in Gal: 5 vs 22.

2. Open/ personal evangelism: It is our sole duty as Christ told us in Mark: 15 vs 16 to share the word of God everywhere, all the time. You have to bring the light to others in your compound, school, your office to your customers, your family,etc. Tell someone about Jesus.

3. Our prayers and sacrifices for others can draw them to Christ: Prayer is a weapon to conquer always. Sacrifice your time and energy in praying for backsliders and sinners, friends that don’t know God. They can be saved some day because of that.

4. Follow up, love and care: Our work doesn’t stop in preaching, we go extra mile to follow up, show love, care and understanding.

These endearing qualities above draws one closer to Christ. These was the exact qualities the apostles of old possessed and they were called Christains. You might not have material things to give but you can visit these new converts, call, pray and encourage them in the Lord. Doing all these by God’s grace will make you shine as the firmament and as starts forever.

Our rewards for being the light to others here on Earth and in heaven is immeasurable. U will be favoured and blessed by men (PS: 1 vs 1-3). A crown of stars awaits for you in heaven, eternal life and a beautiful mansion. But remember that it is only those that endure to the end shall inherit all these, so as you are shinning as light to others ensure that your ways are right before God.

ACTIVITY: Share your salvation story with your neighbor; call someone today.

Moral Note: To shine, let someone feel your impact

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